Weight Loss Before and After: Lucaellyn’s 94 Pound Weight Loss Story

Lucaellyn Dean weighed 287 pounds.

“A few years back,

…my father passed away and I started gaining weight,” says Dean.

“I went to the doctor a few months after he passed.

I was already on blood pressure medication.

[The doctor] wanted to put me on cholesterol medicine and blood sugar medicine

…and I was already diagnosed with sleep apnea and I was sleeping with a CPAP machine.

“I think it has been that we’re there together, we’re doing it together;

…it’s a support system,” she says.

“I hope I’ve helped him as much as he’s helped me.

It makes a big difference to have someone else to lean on when you’re feeling weak.”

Lucaellyn Dean lost 94 pounds.

Source: AJC


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