10 Weight Loss Secrets Better Than Counting Calories

You should always be careful about what you eat if you want to maintain a flat stomach and lose weight.

You are always instructed to burn more calories than you consume to get rid of belly fat, but losing weight is not just about that.

You really don’t have to focus too much on calories. After all, they make eating fun.

There are several ways you can make sure that you are not hungry and still burn body fat while losing pounds.

Below are tips on how to satisfy your hunger while losing weight and living a healthier life.

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1. Cook your own meals

When you prepare your own meals, you can control the number of calories from home, unlike the restaurant where everyone does the bills and not your weight loss.

There are a variety of meals you can prepare to save over 600 calories compared to the same meals in restaurants.

Some good examples are yoghurt parfait with berries for breakfast, avocado toast with fried egg and tomato for lunch, hummus with cucumber and carrots for snacks, vegetables, and fried chicken and quinoa for dinner.

On average, you can consume 137 fewer calories and 16 grams of sugar less at home than in restaurants.

2. Start the day with 2 glasses of water

You already know how important H2O is for your body.

Every activity in your body includes water, including flushing waste and metabolism.

In addition, the lack of sufficient water in your system can lead to dehydration and affect your energy level.

Start your day with two glasses of this natural liquid to increase your energy level. A hydrated body is always active and burns more calories.

3. Snack whenever you feel like it

Contrary to what was said before, eating the right snacks a day is one of the eating habits to shrink your waist.

According to a study, people who eat low-sugar, high-protein snacks lose more body weight.

How do snacks help? This depends on the type of snacks you consume.

The most suitable are the protein-rich snacks that help maintain blood sugar levels.

Perfect blood sugar levels prevent your brain from receiving hunger signals that cause you to consume high-energy foods after you feel hungry.

4. Fill your recipes with fiber

For the love you have for your body, fiber foods are just as important for your body as jet fuel for a Roll’s Royce engine.

Fiber keeps you full longer so that you can concentrate on your work, clean your intestines and feed the helpful bacteria in your intestines.

When these bacteria feed on soluble fiber, they turn them into inflammatory fatty acids that cause your fat genes to close and your body to lose a few pounds or pounds without worrying about calories.

If your gut has been damaged by a high-sugar diet and high levels of saturated fat, fiber will help heal it.

5. Also add proteins

Instead of adding calories to your meals, you should eat more protein, including possibly one of your favorite pasta.

Protein is a slowly digestible micronutrient that boosts metabolism, reduces appetite and satisfies cravings.

If you love smoothies, there are plenty of protein powders in shops and supermarkets that you can mix with your pulp when making these healthy drinks.

Protein-filled smoothies can nourish your calorie-burning muscles.

6. Apply the 80-20 rule to your diet

Building healthy habits can take time, and you will make some mistakes while watching your weight.

One unhealthy snack at a time is not bad.

The idea is to eat 80 percent healthy food and leave the 20 percent for unnecessary but delicious treats.

For every five meals, four should be healthy and one should be a treat.

That way, you don’t feel like you’ve messed up your body eating McDonald’s chips or pizza slices.

Just don’t consume too much and you can make these fries or pizza at home.

Remember that the food in the restaurant is filled with calories.

7. Don’t reward yourself with certain foods

It’s good to be proud of your small wins and achievements, including hitting milestones in losing weight and getting the perfect body you’ve always dreamed of.

You can also reward yourself, but don’t do this with fatty and sugary treats, as this will cause your body to regain weight.

Alternatively, you can reward yourself by watching a movie in the theater, going to the beauty spur to get a manicure, or checking in on a fitness class.

The moment you start fighting the urge to eat, your lifestyle changes and you can eat healthy.

8. Get enough rest

Feeling full does not depend on how much food you have consumed alone.

It also depends on how much sleep you get every day.

If you don’t get enough sleep, this leads to increased hunger, which causes a hormone called ghrelin, and lowers hormone levels, leptin, which leads to hunger attacks.

Your sleep-deprived body will continue to ask for more food and you will eat calories even if you are not hungry at all.

Take a good break in the evening after your main meal to stay full for longer.

9. Follow a training program

Sticking to a weight management plan is as important as sticking to a balanced diet.

According to a study by the University of Alabama, sticking to a single exercise program could be the key to maintaining your weight.

The study found that people who stopped exercising after reaching their weight goals would experience a decrease in their metabolism, while colleagues who continued to work only forty minutes and three times a week would roast their calories and still maintain their weight.

Add and use cardio and weight training in your routine to stimulate muscle growth and burn more calories.

10. Let your heart beat

Your heart beats all the time and stopping is a matter of life and death.

Sometimes your work, travel, and time with children can make you too busy to miss your exercise routine.

It’s not the end of the world as long as you increase your heart rate and speed up your blood pump by taking the stairs instead of the escalator and elevator.

According to a study, walking twice in an hour lowers blood sugar and lowers insulin levels in overweight people.

You don’t have to go to the gym every time, but only when you have some free time.

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