15 Surprising Reasons You’re Gaining Belly Fat

We know you are trying so hard to keep your weight off, but then one day you decide to try the jeans you were wearing a month or two ago and are booming!

They are too tight for you to reach for the button.

You wonder where you’ve been wrong since you’ve been exercising, eating healthy foods, and drinking lots of water.

Would there be another reason to gain weight?

Yes actually! And they will surprise you.

There are many things that can expand your waistline, and we’ll examine fifteen of them.

1. You eat too much healthy food

As much as you want to lose weight, eating healthy food is recommended, but overeating this healthy food can do the opposite.

Try eating servings instead.

Food such as quinoa, avocados, nuts and dark chocolates should be consumed in controllable portions.

If it’s not vegetables or fruits, the food you eat may not be low in calories. You should therefore start these instructions for portion control.

  • Rice and pasta size your fist
  • Nut butter and grated cheese smaller than a table tennis ball
  • Lean meat is the size of a pack of cards

2. You suffer from depression

We don’t want to experience depression.

The drug causes some people to gain more pounds, as some reports have indicated.

According to dietitians, some antidepressants can lead to food cravings, especially after carbohydrates, and you know very well what carbohydrates do.

Depression also leads to loss of appetite, but her medication helps sick people regain their appetite and overeat.

The solution to this problem is to switch medications because some of them cause weight gain than others.

However, changing your medication may have less of an impact on your depression.

You have to decide which comes first, lose weight, or get rid of depression.

3. Your body is dehydrated

According to research from the University of Birmingham, taking two cups of water before each meal can accelerate weight loss.

Water helps us feel full and therefore eat less, gives us energy and maintains body temperature.

If you skip these two cups of water before eating your meal, you can consume excess calories and gain weight. A dehydrated body stores the remaining water for important body functions.

Keep your body hydrated and avoid gaining weight by drinking enough water. You can also drink delicious detox water.

4. You stay up late

You could eat right and exercise like Dwayne Johnson, but if you stay up late to watch his films and catch up on “Game of Thrones”, “Empire”, “Narcos” and “Charmed”, you are not doing your body any justice.

You will notice that your waist increases.

Shorter amounts of sleep are associated with weight gain because lack of sleep arouses the hunger hormone known as ghrelin and lowers the satiety hormone.

When you are awake, your brain tends to tell you to eat junk food and it becomes more difficult to practice portion control.

According to dietitians, if you sleep seven to eight hours a night for a week or two, the increase in hunger and cravings will decrease.

5. You are obsessed with your training sessions

To lose weight, you need to exercise as much as you eat healthy, and most of us love these sessions.

However, don’t be obsessed or rethink your sessions, as experts say it can be difficult for you to lose weight.

As long as you think about your workout, you are tempted to consume more calories because you are too sure that you will burn them in the gym.

Unfortunately, this is anything but possible.

What is good? Set the date and the reminder and forget it!

Do not worry; Your iCal will remind you.

This way you don’t have to think about your training all the time.

6. Your thyroid is sluggish

The wing on the neck above Adam’s apple is known as the thyroid gland and plays a number of roles in your body, including increasing your metabolism.

However, there are times for certain reasons that your thyroid does not serve its purpose, and the condition is called hypothyroidism.

What is one of the symptoms? You know why we are here.

Weight gain is one of them, but according to doctors, the disease develops slowly and many people are not aware that they have the disease until it reaches its full level.

If the thyroid is the reason why you have gained weight, no matter how much you exercise, eating the right diet, you cannot achieve the slim body you have always wanted.

The best advice is if you notice a sudden weight gain, but eat a healthy diet and exercise, see your doctor and see if you have thyroid problems.

7. You hardly step on the scales

You even heard in the songs that what you don’t know will never hurt you, but that probably means that there is some bad news waiting on the other hand.

When you talk about gaining weight, ignoring weighing yourself will hurt you.

You probably don’t want to know the number.

According to dietitians, we feel lazy to step on the scales, especially in the winter months, and we tend to treat ourselves to comfort food, hardly exercise, and we sit by the fireplace or turn on the thermostat.

To burn those extra pounds, cut down on the goodies, be more active, and step on your scales at least once a week.

The most recommended days to measure your weight are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

8. You forget to check yourself

The candy you eat can affect your weight loss if you forget to use the self checkout kiosks that grocery stores have provided for their customers.

Let’s dig deeper.

The IHL Consulting Group conducted a study that found that impulse purchases for both men and women decreased 16.7 percent and 32.1 percent, respectively, when they scanned and wiped their items and credit card.

Most impulse shopping is dangerous for your waist.

80 percent of sweets purchases and 61 percent of salty snacks purchases are unplanned.

The next time you pass a grocery store, you should check yourself.

9. You get older

After 30:00 our body begins to lose muscle mass.

Our metabolism also slows down.

With the cakes, candles, and drinks, you’re in a festive mode, but the worst gift you get is weight gain as you get older, especially if you consume the same types of food that you ate before 30.

To keep this youthful figure, stay active.

Include a combination of cardio and strength training to maintain your tissue and slim body.

10. You are Achy

Achy parts of your body can keep you from exercising or exercising.

If you don’t exercise, you can gain weight over time, especially if you haven’t stopped eating what you ate during exercise.

Who can make it easy to exercise with joint pain?

It is almost impossible! But exercises can defend you against arthritis symptoms, and you should opt for low-impact activities like swimming and cycling.

According to experts, some strength training exercises like lifting light weights can help you a lot.

11. You eat too many healthy foods

According to a nutritionist, Leah Kaufman, her customers develop irresistible cravings when they feel like they can’t spoil themselves a couple of times.

To exceed that desire, you don’t need to eat more than 100 calories a day to slow that craving without losing track.

Some of the recommended foods are Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, 12 gummy bears, and nine peanut M & Ms.

12. You carry a basket when shopping

You have probably entered the store to pick a few things, but picking the hand basket is not a good idea. It is better to take the car instead.

According to a study by the Journal of Marketing Research, pushing a cart is less likely to select items that add fat to your belly.

The researchers added that carrying a basket can trigger an impulse to pick items like crackers, cookies, and chips. Get some healthy snacks instead.

13. You are not eating enough protein

It is important to eat enough protein as it saturates, protects you from overeating, and is slowly refined compared to carbohydrates.

Proteins also help maintain muscle mass.

If you don’t eat enough protein to make your muscles and cells healthy, your body has no choice but to break those muscles down to get the nutrients you need.

The less muscle you have, the slower your metabolism, which can lead to weight gain after a while.

Keep your metabolism strong by eating protein-rich foods like chicken breast, organic tofu and turkey.

14. You have a stressful job

Your over-demanding boss may be the reason why you are increasing the size of your waist.

The stressful nature of your work is that your body releases cortisol, which leads directly to an increase in belly fat.

Increased cortisol can lead to hunger attacks by increasing blood sugar.

The unused blood sugar is also stored as fat.

Discuss your work schedule with your boss, or you can come to the office earlier if no one is bothering you and planning the day’s tasks.

15. You are taking medication

There are a variety of medications that you take, including birth control pills and beta blockers that can enlarge your waist.

Some medications stimulate your appetite, while others slow down your body’s metabolism.

Weight problems are also due to non-compliance with the treatment.

There are also some medications, especially to treat colds that cause drowsiness and can weaken you so you can’t even exercise.

Be sure to.

If you think your dose is causing weight gain, do not stop taking it.

Instead, talk to your doctor and ask about an alternative medication that doesn’t affect your weight.


Most people want to look sporty, spend a few hours a week exercising, and dieting to maintain the right weight.

But there are some specific cases like thyroid disease, medication, and aging that can make it difficult for you to achieve a slim body.

There are also some things you can control, such as: B. too little sleep or shopping with a basket.

You need to know that only you can control your weight when making lifestyle choices.

Apply the tips above, and maybe you have the body you’ve always dreamed of.

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