25 Secret Tips To Potentially Double Weight Loss

25 secret tips for potentially doubling weight loss

Try these evidence-based weight loss tips for women who have lost a lot of weight and kept it off.

Become healthier, happier and fit today!

The next 25 weight loss tips have been scientifically proven to not only help you lose weight, but also improve your overall health.

This is what women who have lost a lot of weight and kept it off religiously do:

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1. You plan workouts in advance

If you can plan to go to a Beyonce concert, you can schedule a 30-minute workout at least three times a week.

This is what busy, fit people do.

2. You DVR your favorite shows

There’s nothing wrong with recording the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

Research shows that staying up late to watch TV or Netflix hampers most people’s sleep.

And if your sleep is hampered, weight gain is sure to follow.

3. They correct their emotional eating side

I understand.

We all have our days when life is as delicious as an earthworm soup (yuck!)

That’s why we eat emotionally.

Guess what? It’s okay.

Even fit people treat themselves to a bowl of ice cream with M&M pieces (Yum!), To occasionally relieve their stress.

Emphasize “occasionally”. They do not allow a bad day to turn into a bad week, which turns into a bad month that becomes a bad year (or years).

If you allow food to be your coping mechanism, you will become overweight or obese.

If the stress gets too great, seek professional help instead.

4. You avoid cream-based soups in restaurants

Some restaurant soups are so unhealthy that you can instead order a large juicy cheeseburger with one side of oily fries that clog the arteries.

Soups based on cream are overloaded with “belly-blowing” sodium.

Healthy people choose soups made from clearer broths and sauces.

5. You are preparing for a party or social event

Don’t be the girl or the guy who eschews social celebrations because the food there doesn’t match your macros.

If you do additional training during the week or skip desserts, you can have more space to eat when it’s partying.

6. You order alcohol on the rocks

There’s a reason why mixed drinks and beer taste so damn good – they’re full of calories and sugar.

Therefore it is better to order a drink on the rocks.

7. You are not afraid to lift heavier weights

I still can’t believe that there are people who do weight lifting sessions by curling 3 pound pink dumbbells.

Please go harder.

Numerous studies show that heavy weight lifting helps burn a significant amount of body fat and build muscle.

Use a challenging weight that you cannot do more than 8 to 12 reps per set.

8. You eat wisely

The reason why many people are out of shape is because they overeat.

Sure, a small bag of potato chips won’t ruin your body.

However, add several bags of chips per day within a week x 12 months.

That’s a lot of extra calories, but that’s how some people eat.

If you eat a snack so often, add more high-fiber foods (e.g. beans, vegetables, fruits, etc.) to your meals to improve satiety.

9. Treat yourself to desserts…. sometimes

Who wouldn’t want to sink their teeth into a chocolate deluxe brownie on every blue moon?

A healthy lifestyle does not mean never indulging in dessert.

In fact, an occasional dessert should be treated as a reward for a healthy life.

Most fit people know and stick to this train of thought.

10. You know that a scale does not determine your health

Your favorite health guru may be mad at me for revealing this secret, but …

WHAT A WEIGHT SCALE SAYS doesn’t matter. Why is that?

Because most scales don’t tell you exactly where you are in terms of health and fitness.

It doesn’t tell you how much body fat or muscle mass you have.

It is not known whether you dropped a few sizes of clothes or pants.

It is not known whether your blood pressure is high or low.

It really doesn’t know anything about your health. other than your current weight.

How helpful.

11. You practice meditation, yoga and other mindfulness exercises

Question: When was the last time you switched off your smartphone and found at least 20 minutes of peace and quiet?

If you scratch your noggin, it was too long ago.

Life is too stressful for you to be unable to think correctly every day.

Research shows that mindfulness exercises such as meditation and yoga help reduce stress and anxiety.

12. They follow their walking steps every day

Did you take 10,000 steps today?

This is the minimum recommended amount so that you are not considered a sedentary person.

Use a pedometer app on your smartphone to track your walking steps daily.

13. You know that carbohydrates are not the devil

Whoever said carbohydrates were the devil also thought that dietary fat was bad 10 years ago and protein was dangerous 20 years ago.

Listen, the media will always try to blame a food group for the obesity epidemic.

Ultimately, it’s not the carbohydrates that make people fat. It’s the people who eat too much of it.

Some people would also rather eat donuts than sweet potatoes.

Guess what? They are both carbohydrates!

Here’s the purpose of carbohydrates: to give the human body the energy it needs to function properly and survive the day.

Does this sound like a dangerous dinnerware to you? I do not believe that.

14. You don’t judge other people’s health decisions

By reading this article, you have chosen a healthy lifestyle. Fantastic!

So what do you do if your family and friends would rather eat a McDonald’s apple pie than an apple? Nothing.

You live your life and you live your life.

One thing most long-term healthy people realize is that not everyone in their immediate environment will lead a healthy lifestyle.

Sure, it is painful to see your obese relative or friend push apple pie down your throat, but that’s your decision.

Just focus on your health and hope that one day they will come on board.

15. You order your salad dressing or sauce on the side

A weight loss trick when eating is to order salad dressing and sauce on the side.

This way you can control how much you add to your salad to avoid adding too many calories.

16. You avoid the bread basket in restaurants

The garlic bread in the Olive Garden is tasty, so you should avoid it on your weight loss journey.

Most healthy people avoid the bread basket in restaurants.

If nothing else, limit yourself to no more than 2 pieces of bread.

17. Treat yourself to healthy fats

You thought eating fat was bad?

Not if it’s a healthy fat.

Research continues to support the benefits of eating healthy fats found in olive oil, nuts, and avocado.

18. They create more homemade meals than they eat out

If you eat more in restaurants than at home, weight loss will continue to be a struggle.

Over the past 40 years, the increase in people eating in restaurants or at home has resulted in a significant decrease in nutrient density and increased health risks.

When cooking at home, control the ingredients and portion size, two important factors in losing weight.

19. They don’t always finish their plate

“Finish your meal. There are starving people in Ethiopia who wish they could take their place. “

If you heard a similar mantra from your mother as a child, you may feel obliged to clean your plate every time, even when you’re no longer hungry.

Fit people don’t do that. You just focus on achieving satiety.

20. You shop around the scope in the grocery store

Did you know (or have you ever noticed) that there is fresh fruit, meat and vegetables around the grocery store?

Yes, now you know!

If you are destined to lead a healthy lifestyle, you should go to the supermarket “outside the borders”.

21. You shop on Wednesday

According to a study, only 11 percent of Americans shop on Wednesdays.

This seems to be the day you have to go shopping instead of the weekend when the grocery looks like a war zone.

22. You push a shopping cart instead of carrying a basket

Did you know that pushing a shopping cart increases the likelihood that you will choose healthier options in the grocery store?

According to a study, the strain of carrying a basket has made buyers more likely to grab quick-access impulse items like potato chips because they focus at eye level in the aisle.

23. You know how to read and diagnose a nutrition label

As you now know, a food labeled “organic” does not mean that it is healthy.

For this reason, it is important to learn how to break down a nutrition label to separate the healthy from the non-healthy options.

Doing this is one of the most important skills required for a healthy lifestyle.

In this FDA article, you will learn how to analyze a nutrition label.

24. You avoid everything that is called “low in carbohydrates”.

Healthy people are not fooled by the low-carb gimmicks.

Food for thought: Every food that is “low” in one thing usually contains something else.

For this reason, some low-carb options in restaurants typically contain a lot of fat and / or sodium.

Don’t let them fool you “low-carb”.

25. They keep their snacks below 100 calories

Question: How many calories make up a snack?

Most nutritionists and dietitians believe that a snack contains between 100 and 300 calories.

That is a reasonable estimate.

However, if you need about 1,500 calories to lose weight, two regular meals (about 1400 calories together) with three snacks, eat too much, especially if each of these snacks contains about 300 calories.

A good rule of thumb that most healthy people follow is to keep calories below 100 calories to reduce the possibility of overeating.

Enjoy high-fiber, high-calorie foods like fruits, nuts, and vegetables to accomplish this feat.

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