Arnold Schwarzenegger Donates 25 Small Homes To California Military Veterans

Arnold Schwarzenegger Donates To West L A

As one of the most successful bodybuilders to ever grace the stage, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a man of many talents. Recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger donated 25 tiny homes to help combat the issue of homelessness in California where he used to serve as Governor of the state. 

Schwarzenegger’s philanthropic actions were geared towards helping homeless veterans in West Los Angeles, CA. The seven-time Mr. Olympia champion celebrated the holiday season by spreading joy.

As a former Governor of California, providing veterans with housing units certainly hits close to Schwarzenegger’s heart. Arnold Schwarzenegger partnered with Village For Vets to make it all happen and donated a generous amount of $250,000 towards the cause.

Village For Vets is a non-profit organization created to help assist at-risk veterans with shelter and food. Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough volunteered with Schwarzenegger to help provide small home units to West L.A just in time for the holidays.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Donates To West L.A.

Schwarzenegger took to social media on Thursday and provided a glimpse of how he celebrated Christmas early.

“Today, I celebrated Christmas early. The 25 homes I donated for homeless veterans were installed here in LA. It was fantastic to spend some time with our heroes and welcome them into their new homes.” Arnold Schwarzenegger posted Thursday.

After immigrating from Austria, Arnold Schwarzenegger quickly established himself in America. In the Golden Era of bodybuilding, Schwarzenegger was able to parlay his career skills into an acting occupation. After starring in hit films such as “The Terminator” series, Schwarzenegger broke barriers in America and personified The American Dream.

With so many appearances at the top of the podium, Schwarzenegger is still seen as easily one of the best bodybuilders to ever grace the stage. As a thriving actor, Schwarzenegger often renders advice to young upstarts looking to follow a similar career trajectory.

Schwarzenegger remains an impactful voice in the sport today. However, as of late, the former governor of California is getting recognition for his heartfelt philanthropic endeavors. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s $250,000 donation will help upgrade tent set-ups and provide more stable homes to at-risk veterans in West L.A. 


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