Powerlifter John Haack Hits A Colossal Paused Bench Press Of 265 kg (584 lbs)

John Haack Paused Bench Press

John Haack is unquestionably one of the strongest pound-for-pound powerlifters that have ever lived, with some fans considering him the greatest of all time. Haack has recently done some very impressive lifts, including a 272.5 kg (600 lbs) bench press. However, Haack is not stopping there and is aiming to perfect his bench press technique. Therefore, he incorporated paused bench press into his workout. And in his most recent Instagram post, Haack published a huge paused bench press of 265 kg (584 lbs), only using wrist wraps.

John Haack is currently preparing for the Hybrid Showdown 4 scheduled to happen on January 15-16, 2022 in Miami, Fl.

You can watch the paused bench press video here:

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John Haack also posted a massive 342.5 kg (755 lbs) squat on his Instagram. His competition best is 340 kg (749.6 lbs), and Haack has done a 350 kg (771 lbs) squat in training before. However, there are still three more weeks until the competition, so we can probably expect even heavier lifts very soon. Haack only used a lifting belt and wrist wraps, he also does high bar positioning on the squat.

You can watch the video here:

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Could John Haack Break The Total World Record Again?

Haack has already claimed the total world record by successfully lifting 1005.5kg (2216.7lbs) in the 90kg weight class, and there is a very realistic chance that we could see John Haack further improve his total world record by a bigger margin than expected. He also recently pulled a raw 410 kg (903.9 lbs) deadlift, on a Twitch live-stream event hosted by Gymshark and Brawn. He did it after a 12-hour flight and used only a lifting belt and wrist wraps.

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John Haack is definitely one of the main characters in the powerlifting world right now, and he is putting up some mind-boggling numbers in his gym. Hybrid Showdown 4 was already supposed to be insane with athletes like Jamal Browner, but John Haack will certainly make it even better.


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