Powerlifter Russel Orhii Hits Massive Bench Press PR Of 446lbs

Russel Orhii Bench Press 446lbs Pr

On the heels of his world-record performances at the 2021 IPF Powerlifting Championships, Russel Orhii continues to hit amazing milestones while extending his PRs along the way. Recently, the powerlifting phenom showed off his herculean strength on social media after hitting a bench press record of 446lbs. 

A name synonymous with record-breaking, Russel Orhii is constantly challenging the physical limitations of human strength. Even before hitting the age of 30, it’s brazenly obvious that Orhii is destined for a promising future as a powerlifter.

Russel Orhii Astounds With Latest Bench Press PR

Recently, Russel Orhii took to Instagram and showed off yet another PR, this time it was a hefty bench press of 446lbs.

“🚨 BENCH PR 🚨 446lbs/202.5kg X 1 I hit a PR every time I come back from vacation 😂 Shout out to the brodies for providing the vibes for today’s session.” Russel Orhii posted

He usually competes in the 83kg category but in this training session, he didn’t reveal his current body weight.

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While competing at the IPF Powerlifting Championships, Orhii was able to secure two world records

IPF World Championships Records

  • Squat: 320.5 kg (706.7 pounds), IPF World Record
  • Bench Press: 187.5 kg (413.4 pounds)
  • Deadlift: 734.2lb (333kg) – Not Record
  • Total:  841 kg (1,854.3 pounds), IPF World Record

With Russel Orhii always looking for improvements, his gains in the gym are undeniable at this point. Orhii once again broke his own record when he was at a commercial gym and pulled 329kg (725lbs). While the weight amounted to nearly four times his overall body weight, the amazing feat was not officially tallied since the lift occurred outside of a sanctioned competition. 

At the 2021 USAPL Nationals, Orhii set an American squat record by hitting a 323 kilograms (712 pounds) in the men’s 83 kilograms category. In that event, Orhii also hits 192.5 kg (426.6 pounds) bench pressed and a 327.5 kilograms (722) pounds) deadlift.

Two weeks ago, Orhii hits 733lbs squat PR in training.

Either way, Russel Orhii is always pursuing a new world record or PR. Following his vacation, he returned to work and pulled off a PR of 446lbs on the bench press. It appears the activity of Russel Orhii is paying dividends and it will be interesting to see how he handles the pressures of competition in 2022. 


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