VitalFlow Scam Reviews: Is Vital Flow Prostate Support Legit?

VitalFlow is a dietary supplement for the prostate that reduces inflammation and pressure on the bladder. The product must be taken every day for work, taking advantage of the antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients.

What is VitalFlow?

Prostate health is more than just an issue for older men. Screening for potential cancer cells is scheduled earlier and earlier, adding to the millions of people who have already been diagnosed. Problems with the prostate can usually be identified with some key symptoms such as incontinence and painful ejaculation. Like any other part of the body, the prostate needs to be kept healthy, and VitalFlow can help with that.

Promoted by Sam Morgan, VitalFlow has helped many men who already have bladder problems and other prostate-related issues. While discussing such a personal problem with a doctor can be quite embarrassing, the use of VitalFlow allows users to resolve this problem from the comfort of their own home. There are no doctor visits, and users don’t even need to get a prescription.

The only way Sam and his team would be able to come up with such an advanced option is with the right ingredients. While the team originally had over 144 organic ingredients that they looked through, the final formula was made up of just three ingredients.

How does VitalFlow help the prostate?

The three ingredients that make VitalFlow effective include saw palmetto berries, graviola leaves, and a mushroom blend. Saw palmetto berries are known for their ability to inhibit the production of DHT, and graviola leaves are sometimes used to treat infection and inflammation in many diseases (although there is insufficient research to provide evidence for these reactions).

The mushroom mix consists of three mushrooms in one ingredient – Maitake, Reishi and Shiitake. All of these mushrooms are linked to improving the levels of antioxidants in the body to reduce toxins.

In addition to the top three ingredients, consumers are also getting other substances that the team believed would help users, including:

  • Cat claws
  • Tomato fruit powder
  • Pygeum africanum bark
  • Natural green tea
  • Broccoli leaf extracts
  • Nettle root
  • Red raspberry extract
  • selenium
  • Vitamin E.
  • Vitamin B6
  • zinc
  • copper
  • Plant sterol complex

Each of these ingredients help at different stages in the healing process. In the “fast penetration” phase, users get the benefits of all ingredients thanks to their high bioavailability. Then the body flushes out the buildup of DHT using the three main ingredients (saw palmetto berries, graviola leaf, and mushroom mix). This problem is tackled again in the sixth step and prevents the body from falling victim to DHT again with selenium, vitamin E and vitamin B6.

In the third stage – the “blood purification” – the natural toxin-flushing properties of cat’s claw, tomato fruit powder and Pygeum africanum bark are used. While nettle root and red raspberry are essentially used to recharge the sex drive, the use of green tea and broccoli aids the incontinence problem that men face. The formula comes back in the seventh step to further inhibit DHT and protect the sex drive with zinc, copper and plant sterol complex.

The rest of the ingredients are in the proprietary blend, making it difficult to see what effect it is having on the body. However, the creators state that it can fight off bacteria to lessen its impact on the prostate.

Users do not need to make diet changes or start physical therapy for this program to work. Instead, they just take the daily dose of two capsules and let the formula do the rest.

Buy VitalFlow

A bottle of VitalFlow is currently priced at $ 69, and the company allows these bottles to be shipped to customers for free. Most people, however, find that a month of taking a supplement doesn’t provide exactly the relief their body needs.

Therefore there are two other packages:

  • Three bottles for $ 177
  • Six bottles for $ 294

As with the single package, users can get free shipping. However, if this product does not provide prostate relief as intended, consumers can contact customer service ( for a refund.

Frequently asked questions about VitalFlow How does VitalFlow help?

VitalFlow reduces inflammation caused by an excess of DHT. In essence, the body confuses DHT as an invader and attacks it, causing inflammation and pressing on the bladder. By taking VitalFlow, it is easy to return the body to its former state without inflammation.

How long does each bottle last?

Each bottle is said to work for a full month, but the total time it takes consumers to take this formula depends on the condition of their body. Most of the time, one bottle is enough to get initial results, but it may take the average person at least three months to see any long-term change.

Who should use VitalFlow?

The makers of VitalFlow say their formula is best for anyone who has an enlarged prostate or BPH. Consumers who experience incontinence problems should be able to correct them with this formula. While VitalFlow doesn’t require a prescription or recommendation, users should speak to a doctor if they find the problem is getting worse, or if they don’t make any progress with using the supplement.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. If the user is not satisfied with the results of using VitalFlow, they can request a refund within 60 days by contacting the customer service team.


VitalFlow offers a solution for men with urination or sex life problems without reporting these details to their doctor. The formula contains many natural ingredients, as well as vitamins, minerals and a proprietary blend. Users who are already helping many consumers get their prostate infection correct are fully protected by the Return Policy when they want to order a bottle today.




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