Bodybuilder Cedric McMillan Shows Off Physique Ahead of 2022 Arnold Classic

Cedric Mcmillan 9 Weeks Out

Inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body of work, Cedric McMillan has established himself as a dedicated bodybuilder committed to success. Looking to pick up his first major title, Cedric McMillan shared a physique update on social media ahead of this years’ 2022 Arnold Classic. 

With nine weeks away before taking the stage in March 2022, Cedric McMillan posted a rare physique update.  McMillan doesn’t post physique updates often but when he does, the world takes notice. Towards the end of the season last year, McMillan competed at the Legion Sports Festival. After not being in the first call out, McMillan went to prejudging and opted not to come back for the night show. 

In addition, Cedric McMillan was scheduled to compete at Egypt’s KO Pro show, however, ended up being a no-show for the event. With his eyes fixated on the 2022 Arnold Classic, fans are eagerly awaiting McMillan’s return to the big stage. 

Cedric McMillan Provides Physique Update

Cedric McMillan shared a physique update and his upper body and back are well-defined 9-weeks out from the Arnold Classic. 

“Alot of us pros don’t post as we start prep and progress, I think its because we don’t wanna deal with being over-analyzed by some dudes sitting on the toilet scrolling instagram haha. My anxiety is so bad I get nervous about even sending progress to a coach, or even just recording and looking at myself!

I’ve done whole preps without making pics or videos! So this is an attempt to overcome a challenge. So here critics, enjoy this meal haha and remember as we all get ready for the @arnoldsports we need u to let us know how good or bad u think we are😁” Cedric McMillan shared.

Despite the trepidation leading into a new season of bodybuilding, McMillan is determined to right the ship and get his career back in the winning column. McMillan suffered misfortune when he was forced to the sidelines in 2020 after breaking his collar bone and hand in preparation for Mr. Olympia

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The road back to the top hasn’t been easy for Cedric McMillan. Stricken with a severe case of COVID-19 in 2020, McMillan was faced with a lengthy hospital stay and nearly lost 30lbs from the nefarious illness. While McMillan admits there are some inherent stresses with his line of work, he is now determined to prove the critics wrong when he returns to action in March. 

Despite struggling last year with preparation for competition, it appears Cedric McMillan is back in the driver’s seat and shared a rare physique update. After McMillan shared his physique on social media, the bodybuilder looks to be in tremendous shape with 9-weeks out until the 2022 Arnold Classic is upon us. 


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