Brittany Cartwright Wants to Lose 'At Least 30 Lbs.': 'Postpartum Weight Loss Has Been a Struggle'

The former Vanderpump Rules star is partnering with Jenny Craig "to get back to feeling like my best self all around"

Brittany Cartwright is "incredibly proud" of her body after carrying and giving birth to her 8-month-old son Cruz — but she's ready for a reset.

That's why the former Vanderpump Rules star, 32, is joining up with Jenny Craig as their new spokesperson.

"I want to be the best version of myself for my son," Cartwright tells PEOPLE. "Since having Cruz, postpartum weight loss has been a struggle and something I've been very vocal about with my community."

The reality star hopes to lose "at least 30 lbs." on Jenny Craig's new Max Up program, which she started on Jan. 1 and is "loving" so far.

Cartwright has been vocal about normalizing a post-baby body and called out body shamers who said she still looked pregnant last July. She says that she's "still incredibly proud" of her body but wants "to get healthier for myself and my family."

"I'd like to get back to feeling like my best self all around, including both mental and physical health," she says.

Cartwright says she still does get those negative comments "and they are still hurtful."

"But I remind myself that every single body is powerful and beautiful, and that I'm particularly proud of mine," she adds. "It gave me Cruz! And then I go and cuddle my son."

And for other moms who are also struggling with that post-baby pressure, Cartwright wants them to understand that they can take their time.

"Move at your own pace and choose to do what feels right for you and your body," she says. "It can be so easy to compare ourselves to others. But anytime I find myself getting too in my head about this, I take a step back and remind myself that every person's body is so different and uniquely beautiful."

"As moms who have given birth, we've done something incredible and made a whole person inside of our bodies," she continues. "It's normal that they don't look the same afterward. Whether you want to lose weight post-baby or you don't, remind yourself that you are powerful and that your body is yours and yours alone."


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