Charles Glass Demonstrates Workout Routine To Achieve Slimmer Waist

Charles Glass demonstrates oblique exercise

Charles Glass is a pillar of knowledge in the bodybuilding community and is known for getting the most out of various exercises. Recently, the bodybuilding coach took to social media and demonstrated some oblique exercises that will help slim the waist while still maintaining a strong core. 

Glass is known to take a cerebral approach any time he trains someone inside of the gym. The bodybuilding coach has a knack for detail and understands how to get optimum results when exercising. Of course, some people differ when it comes to gym goals, and Charles Glass acknowledges that and gears workouts to accomplish different results. 

With a background in engineering, the meticulousness of Glass’ work is demonstrated through his exercise walkthrough below. Without carrying weights during these oblique exercises, Glass relays how to achieve a slimmer waist. According to Glass, weighted oblique exercises can cause the hips to square in appearance.

After taking to social media, the bodybuilding godfather explains the intricacies of the workout in question. 

“Weighted oblique exercises can make your waist wider. If you build muscle mass in the obliques, they can develop a wide, square appearance. Adjust your exercise routine if you want to keep a slim waist while still maintaining a strong core.”

Charles Glass shared on social media.

Charles Glass Provides Walkthrough For Modifying Oblique Exercises

Charles Glass is a firm believer in muscle isolation training. With a focus on only working out a specific set of muscle fibers, Glass’ exercise techniques are used by people from all walks of life. By isolating the specific muscle fibers and tinkering with movements, Glass has long developed a system to help various body types achieve their fitness goals. 

Charles Glass

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Heading into the first quarter of 2022, the long-time bodybuilding coach is imparting wisdom by explaining how to get the most out of some oblique exercises.

“Now, another good one, I like to do, what is just a regular twist but wide stance that stabilizes my hips so they don’t move. Glass said in his Instagram video. The only thing that moves is my torso and it goes quick, quick quick. Like that. Then I go here, go back up and do the same. I’m working all through here, getting a nice taper and it stays and I’m not building my obliques because I don’t have no weights with it.”

As a Mr. Olympia qualifier, Charles Glass understands what premier bodybuilding competitions want out of the competitors that participate. The bodybuilding coach’s attention to different physiques is one of the driving factors that makes him so invaluable inside of the weight room. 

During the exercise, Glass emphasizes tightening the torso and limiting movement to maximize the benefits of his technique. By implementing Glass’ oblique exercises without weights, the bodybuilding coach is confident the workout will slim the waist with time and effort. 


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