Larry Wheels Scores PR With 308lbs Bench Press For INSANE 44-Reps

Larry Wheels 308lbs Bench Press

As one of the fiercest powerlifting competitors, Larry Wheels is known for pushing the limits of human strength. Wheels recently took to Instagram and showed off an impressive PR on the bench press which saw the powerlifter demolish 44-reps of 308lbs. 

In addition to powerlifting, Larry Wheels has taken his set of skills into strongman competitions and more recently, arm wrestling. Roughly a month ago, Wheels endured his second-ever defeat in the rising sport. Larry Wheels faced Brendon Allen and lost the arm-wrestling match.

Despite losing his second match in arm-wrestling, Wheels remains committed to improvement. With ample time and preparation, a huge splash in arm-wrestling for Wheels is definitely a viable possibility in 2022. The powerlifter is constantly looking to improve his lifts. Just last week, Wheels shared a mammoth deadlift of 675lbs and fired off a solid 10-reps too

Larry Wheels Continues To Improve His Overall Conditioning

The powerlifting phenom is back at it again, only this time he managed to break one of his own personal records. Taking to Instagram on Monday, Wheels shared a bench press routine showing him plow through 44-reps of 308lbs. The feat was even more impressive after Larry Wheels revealed he had arm-wrestling training two days prior to the PR. 

“308lbs/140kg x44 reps PR.
2 days ago had arm wrestling practice which lit up my bicep brachialis to 10/10
Slapped on some @teampersonalrecord elbow wraps and the pain went to 2/10 ” Larry Wheels posted.

Wheels’ time spent training outside of his sport will assist the powerlifter in his future endeavors. With time spent competing outside of his comfort zone, Wheels is making incremental gains in regards to his grip strength. 

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As far as arm-wrestling is concerned, grip strength is paramount and that is certainly a characteristic that Wheels can take from the sport when he makes his return to sanctioned powerlifting competitions. As a competitor obsessed with smashing his own records, Wheels’ work ethic is largely unrivaled in the sport of powerlifting. 

Larry Wheels‘ methods are proven, though the powerlifter is returning after a quad injury forced him to the sidelines in 2020. Following the squat exercise that resulted in injury, it’s nice to see Wheels safely lifting on the bench press and still setting a PR. After Wheels’ bench press of 308lbs for 44-reps on social media, it’s safe to say the powerlifter is well on his way to a full recovery. 

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