Lauren Ash Advocates for Body Positivity After Fans Ask About Her Weight Loss: 'Life Is Short'

"I wish all of you could see the beauty in yourselves that exists," Lauren Ash wrote to her Instagram followers, after fans inquired about her weight loss
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Lauren Ash  is encouraging others to make self-love their New Year's resolution.

The Superstore   alum, 38, advocated for body positivity Thursday in a heartfelt Instagram post, rocking a black pleather bra in a mirror selfie. "In 2022, I commit to dressing like the rock star I am," Ash started in the .caption.

She explained that she's received some questions about her recent weight loss, and although Ash emphasized that she doesn't "owe anyone ANY explanation about my body, ever," she added that she wants "to address some things that are important to me."

"First of all, it makes me so sad that so many of you private message me talking about how much you hate your bodies. I wish all of you could see the beauty in yourselves that exists. And understand that beauty is in no way determined by your size. Value is not determined by size," Ash wrote. "This life we have is so short and we waste an incredible amount of time trying to change ourselves instead of just being where we are in any moment."

Ash credited her weight loss to certain changes she made after she "experienced great personal loss. In so many ways," which taught her the importance of "eliminating stress from my life at all costs" and "prioritizing my own needs and wants."

"You really have no idea what toxicity can do to your body until you commit to removing it completely," she continued. "Never underestimate what our bodies do when they are living in prolonged states of extreme stress and what can happen when you simply commit to no longer accepting that kind of existence anymore. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

"Like I said, I experienced a lot of loss in 2021. And the most important lesson I learned is how important it is to live. LIVE!!! Live now! Life is short! Eat the Brie! Wear the pleather bra you never thought you would! Tomorrow is not promised!

"And please remember, beauty exists everywhere within you because you are made of MAGIC! And I don't know who needs to hear it today but remember: you are worthy of love simply because you exist," Ash concluded.


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