Patrick Schwarzenegger Displays Ripped Physique In Recent Kayaking Photo

Patrick Schwarzenegger Ripped Abs

American actor and model Patrick Schwarzenegger has large shoes to fill given his father’s success. Recently,  Patrick Schwarzenegger showed off his ripped physique while kayaking in Hawaii

The Schwarzenegger family have had their public ups and downs like any family. However, it’s always been abundantly clear how much Patrick respects his father, Arnold. While Patrick is a successful entrepreneur now, that wasn’t always the case as the star was growing up. 

In his 20s, Patrick attended a family gathering on Easter. However, Arnold Schwarzenegger noticed that his son seemed to be acting a little out of the ordinary. Well, it turned out, Patrick, was high from smoking marijuana before the gathering.

While the conversation seemed innocuous at first, Arnold Schwarzenegger explained to his son that he believes life is so good that adulterants aren’t needed to enhance it. Perhaps the Easter moment was a catalyst for Patrick who decided from that day forward, that he would be quitting marijuana to focus on getting ‘high on life’ like his father.

Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Body Transformation

As of late, Patrick admits that he’s been getting in the best shape of his life. The son of Arnold Schwarzenegger uploaded before/after photos of his progress along the way too.

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Months ago, Patrick Schwarzenegger shared the results of some of his handiwork on Instagram. In a 6-month timeframe, the 28-year-old lost 22-pounds. 

“50 days 5am

Getting in the best shape of my life. Both physically & mentally. 1st photo 185 lbs 8% fat. 2nd was 6 months ago. 163 lbs 13%.

We had 413 people finish the challenge. Pretty wild. Some of the results were amazing. Found a Sense of purpose. Increased energy. Better sleeping habits. Some Lost 15-30 lbs. People ate better throughout the day. More productive at work. Found time for extra activities. Check out some of the texts I got. So inspiring.

WHY 5am Challenge ?

1. starts your day with a form of “success” & builds momentum for the rest of your day
2. Shows your mind/body your capable of doing something you don’t want to
3. Allows you to form small morning rituals/habits that lead to big results over time.

I love creating goals/challenges because It gives your brain a literal GPS to a destination your seeking. The biggest mistake we make is thinking It will come overnight. Everything takes time. That’s why I made the challenge 50 days so people wouldn’t end after the first week.

Anyways. Thanks to anyone that joined. Enjoy the free coffee I sent. Thx @kirkmyersfitness @mubarakmalik for the help. We’ll do another challenge again soon.

Be The Best You.” Patrick Schwarzenegger shared.

After issuing the challenge to his social media following, Patrick along with 413 people joined him on his journey to a healthier lifestyle. With an emphasis on patience and time, Patrick Schwarzenegger attributes better sleep patterns and increased energy to the new workout routine. 

It’s refreshing to see Patrick taking his health seriously. As Patrick continues his body transformation, comparisons to his father’s physique are likely to occur if he keeps putting on muscle mass. As it stands, Patrick Schwarzenegger’s recent body transformation is inspiring and Hawaii looks to be a good fit for the young, budding actor


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