Powerlifter Mark Bell Dives Into His Strategies For Losing Weight

How I Lose Weight Mark Bell

Notable powerlifter Mark Bell has gone public to discuss some of his ‘Simple Strategies’ for losing weight. With the new year in full effect, Bell insists that his various strategies for losing weight are effective and attainable. 

Mark Bell has always been willing to share his private strategies and tactics with the public for the sake of health and fitness. Over the years Bell has steadily gained respect from the powerlifting/bodybuilding community for his relentless pursuit of improvement. 

Known for his ability to push the limits of human nature, Bell’s time as a powerlifter was exciting to witness. During his storied career, the multi-talented figure managed to compete in various sports including strongman, bodybuilding and powerlifting. 

Speaking on the Mark Bell – Super Training Gym YouTube channel, the powerlifter gives a comprehensive take on some of the actions he takes in an effort to lose weight and never gain it back. 

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Mark Bell on Protein Management

Eat More Protein

First, Bell started discussing his time managing protein in his diet. Interestingly, he believes that if he’s not hungry for protein or eggs, then he classifies that phenomenon as ‘fake hunger’. With an emphasis on avoiding potato chips and junk food, Bell believes the perception of hunger is a major issue when it comes to losing weight. 

“When I’m not hungry for meat and eggs, I’m experiencing what I consider to be fake hunger,” he continues.

“The human body is in search of protein, and you’re not going to find it in a bag of Doritos… Those things are hyper-palatable, a.k.a. they taste really fucking good… You literally lose control in that moment because all you can think about is the next bite.”

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Intermittent Fasting

Weight Loss

When it’s time for intermittent fasting, Mark Bell’s approach isn’t too strict. In essence, his worry is that people get too caught up on how to split the hours up and lose sight of what’s actually important–which is staying healthy and losing weight. Instead of fasting for a sixteen-hour window, Bell advocates for ten-hour windows and underlines that you can still accomplish this while you’re sleeping. 

 “Your sleep counts,” he says. “Just try to extend that a little bit through the morning time.”

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Flexible Dieting

Bell is adamant that asking yourself questions about a diet can help you improve upon your habits and tendencies. While the powerlifter agrees that this method is less than ideal when someone is training for a physique contest, he does believe there are still benefits to be taken from his dieting strategies. In the end, Mark Bell believes diets should change over time. 

“Could doing a carnivore diet once a year for a month be massively rewarding in a lot of ways? Fuck yes, it can be. Can it be beneficial to do three weeks of keto, just as a clean-up?.. In my opinion, your diet should change, it should move around, that’s what’s been the most fun for me.” Bell says. 


Bradley Martyn Walking

Bell believes 3, 10-minute walks are a staple to his weight loss strategy. A general rule of thumb that the powerlifter takes, is that if you’re going to listen to a podcast, you should always be driving or you have to be moving. 

“Walking is an activity for most people that is so easy that if you don’t overdo it, if you’re walking a handful of times a week or a couple times a day, it’s not going to be too taxing. And because it’s not too taxing, it’s not going to make you hungry,” he says.

“Make a rule for yourself: if you’re going to listen to a podcast, you either have to be driving, or you have to be moving.”

As walking burns calories and helps maintain a healthy weight, Bell is a staunch advocate for taking brief strolls to help keep the pounds off. 

Mark Bell Issues Powerlifting Guidance 

According to Mark Bell’s ‘Simple Strategies‘, he recommends lifting four times a week. In addition, the powerlifter supports people in discovering different exercises that tailor to the specific areas that need improvement.

“Don’t think that you have to have a capacity to do it the way you see other people do it,” Mark Bell states.

“Build your own capacity your own way.” says Bell. 

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With five different methods for losing weight, it’s nice to see Mark Bell sharing his wisdom with the general public. If you’re looking for a handful of methods to lose weight in 2022, look no further as Mark Bell has got you covered. 


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