Shira Miller Lost 50 Pounds

THE BIG REWARD: It’s so funny, losing the 50 pounds probably bought me a thousand pounds of confidence.

The decision I actually made was just to feel better.

I didn’t care so much about how much weight I lost and I really did start with my mind first, which is why I think it worked that time as opposed to all those other yo-yo times it didn’t work.

THE TURNING POINT: Before I started losing weight, I had a real low point.

I was in a job at the time that I didn’t care for after leaving a job that I loved.

I was really frustrated with my life. It felt like I wasn’t going anywhere.

It almost felt like I was drowning. I don’t think it was real depression, but I just felt the sense of frustration almost every day. I would wake up and think, “Oh, my gosh! Here we go again.”

GETTING STARTED: I started visualizing myself as a thinner person. And I had a really clear visual of myself wearing a little black dress and I held on to it. I wrote about it in my journal. 15 months later after I lost all 50 pounds, my friends chipped in and bought me a little black dress. Being attentive means planning it out. Actually, most days I figure out in the morning what I’m going to be eating that day, and I do it after I eat breakfast so that I’m not hungry and I can make smart decisions.

SMART THINKING: I’m not the most patient person in the world and sure, if I could have lost all the weight overnight, I would have gone for that option. But I also realized through reading and talking to people who had taken weight off and kept it off, that slow loss, a pound or two a week, means that you’re going to keep it off for longer.

STAYING MOTIVATED: Now, when I don’t pay attention, I’m fine for a couple of days. But after a few weeks I inevitably start gaining a pound or two because you just have to constantly pay attention, and not as a punishment but more because you love yourself and you feel you deserve to feel your best.

WORDS OF WISDOM: Things are never going to be perfect in your life. The key is to start now and at that very moment. And I think that even after you lose weight when you think, “Oh, my gosh! I just ate a couple of cookies. My whole diet is ruined for the day,” just stop right then and there and get right back on the horse and start right back with your healthy habits. That’s how you make a difference. You make a choice every single day.

TOOLS OF MY SUCCESS: Varied workout programs including Pilates, cardio, TRX, spin classes and strength training. A healthy diet. Accountability.


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