Video: Chris Hemsworth Shares His 10-Minute Low Impact Bodyweight Workout

Chris Hemsworth Low Impact Workout

Actor Chris Hemsworth is accustomed to packing on the muscle in order to play some exciting movie roles. In preparation for a Hulk Hogan biopic, Hemsworth is demonstrating a quick 10-minute low-impact workout meant to help him achieve a Pro Wrestling physique. 

While the motion picture is still in the works, Hemsworth remains a popular actor who takes a keen interest in making sure his body is operating at near 100% capacity. Of course, exercise alone will not be enough, so the famous actor has meticulously watched his diet as well. 

Trained by Luke Zocchi, Chris Hemsworth has stayed on track thanks to the fitness trainer’s help. With the support of his instructor, the film star took to some intense workouts which happened to be prowler and boxing exercises. 

Chris Hemsworth Shares Low Impact Workout

According to Hemsworth, he is on a diet consisting of around 8 protein-rich drinks a day. The renowned actor recommends each exercise for 40-seconds and suggests taking a 20-second break. If the exercise is done correctly, Chris Hemsworth is confident that it should only take 10-minutes.

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While some equipment is necessary for these particular exercises, Hemsworth has been known to share workouts with no equipment so that he can include as many people as possible who are interested in his CentrFit exercise routines.

Below you can find every technique that was practiced in the video:

Taking to social media, Chris Hemsworth dove into the exercise on video and started from the top. 

“This is a quick 10 minute low impact bodyweight workout to try. It gets more challenging the second round. So strap in and get ready 💪🏻💪🏻 @centrfit @zocobodypro

Mountain climber switch 40sec
Rest 20 sec
Squats 40 sec
Rest 20 sec
Plank shoulder Taps 40 sec
Rest 20 sec
Reverse lunge
Rest 20 sec
Bicycle sit ups 40 sec
Repeat!!” Chris Hemsworth posted.

Chris Hemsworth remains a legitimate health and fitness enthusiast. Despite grappling with a busy Hollywood acting schedule, it seems the superstar always has time for a good workout.

With health and fitness being at the forefront of his mind, Hemsworth continues to show marginal gains in the training room as he prepares for yet another action-packed movie role. The Hollywood actor’s 10-minute low-impact workout is a fast and easy way to get in shape.


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