Video: Powerlifter David Ricks Hits 606lbs Raw Deadlift For 5 Reps at 62-yo

David Ricks Deadlifts 606lbs 5x

David Ricks has four decades of experience and has never let his age hold him back when it comes to lifting. Recently, the powerlifting legend took to social media and shared his first heavy workout of 2022 which included a raw deadlift of 606lbs for 5-reps.

David Ricks is 62-years-old and still pushing the limits of human strength. Many consider Ricks to be among one of the best powerlifters to ever compete. Ricks’ longevity is astonishing. Even in his twilight years, David Ricks remains a commanding threat to powerlifters even half his age. 

There are a few powerlifting challenges that Ricks hasn’t toppled. A little over a year ago, David Ricks competed in the 2021 USAPL Nationals. During the competition, Ricks managed to break two American Records in the Masters Over 60 division. The squat and bench records that Ricks acquired at the 2021 USAPL Nationals were records that he already possessed but has since built upon. 

David Ricks Continues To Defy Father Time

With a new year upon us, David Ricks shared a motivating video of himself on Instagram revealing his raw deadlift of 606lbs for 5-reps. At the start of the clip, Ricks is seen carefully positioning his feet as to bear the weight correctly when pulling for repetitions. 

“First Heavy Workout of 2022
606 x 5 (reps). I have been on this Powerlifting Journey for over 40 years at age 62. You have to continue to challenge yourself towards greater goals.
I don’t own the rights to this song” David Ricks shared

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The video shows Ricks’s plowing through the deadlift reps. While the powerlifter has certainly had time to perfect his technique, it’s unbelievably difficult to maintain the longevity that Ricks has attained over the years.

Ricks continues to compete in his twilight years and is still breaking records. What makes the lift even more impressive is the fact that the veteran is lifting raw (no equipment). 

While the powerlifting legend grappled with the weight on his initial lift, once he got his groove, the repetitions appeared quite smooth. As a consummate professional of powerlifting, it’s safe to say when it comes to proper form, Ricks is experienced and knows how to avoid injuries. Even at 62-years-old, David Ricks has proven age is just a number as he continues to rattle off insane videos demonstrating his unworldly strength. 


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