2022 Legends Classic Pro Results, Ashley Kaltwasser Comes Out Victorious

2022 Legends Classic Winner

The 2022 Legends Classic Pro, held in Las Vegas on February 5th, 2022, was a great introduction into this year’s bodybuilding season. The roster for the Bikini division was stacked, but Ashley Kaltwasser grabbed the win with a stunning physique. This show was also a qualifier for the 2022 Olympia, taking place in Las Vegas from December 16-18, 2022.

The second-most prestigious bodybuilding show of the year, 2022 Arnold Classic is less than four weeks out, and will mark the start of the season. However, the 2022 Legends Classic still attracted some big names, including Ashley Kaltwasser and Lauren Dannenmiller, who were both 2021 Olympia competitors. 

2022 Legends Classic Pro Results 

Ashley Kaltwasser’s victory proves that she is in excellent shape, and fuels her motivation for the upcoming season. She will also be one of the 10 athletes to compete at the 2022 Arnold Classic in the Bikini division, on March 5th of this year. Ashley’s physique is improved from the 2021 Olympia, where she finished 3rd, just behind Jennifer Dorie and Lauralie Chapados. 

The second-place finisher, Lauren Dannenmiller, is also worth mentioning. She grabbed a ninth-place finish at the 2021 Olympia.

  • Ashley Kaltwasser – 1st place
  • Lauren Dannenmiller – 2nd place
  • Ariel Barley – 3rd place
  • Vania Auguste – 4th place
  • Marissa Rivero – 5th place
  • Beatrice Sanford – 6th place
  • Treasure Brooks – 7th place
  • Micaela Cristofaro – 8th place
  • Marisa Woo – 9th place
  • Sarah Burkett – 10th place

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The Bikini division is gaining more popularity with every competition, and athletes are putting up better performances as well. Ashley Kaltwasser was undoubtedly the center of attention, and with less than 4 weeks until the Arnold’s, we hope she can get in an even better shape.

2022 Legends Classic Scorecard

2022 Legends Classic


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