5 Effective Exercises That Boost Your Metabolism

Boosting metabolism is not an easy task. Firstly, you will have to consume food that boost metabolism but there is still confusion as to how much effect it can have. There are some metabolism boosting exercises that you can try out.

1. Mountain Climbers

mountain climbers for metabolism

How to Do:

  • Get in push-up plank position and place the hands on the floor. It has to be stacked under the shoulder.
  • Keep the hips parallel to the ground.
  • The feet should be placed together and back.
  • Run the knees to the chest quickly.
  • Change the leg in every repetition.
  • The shoulder should be placed over the wrist and do not raise the hips.

Number of Repetitions: Do this for 30 to 45 seconds.

How it Helps: It is a high-intensity and full-body exercise. The more muscles you engage, the faster is going to be the boost in metabolism.

2. Lunges

Lunges for metabolism

How to Do:

  • Stand straight and place the right foot in front of your left one.
  • Keep the knees and hips facing forward.
  • Your stomach has to be tight and the shoulder back.
  • Lower the body by bending the knees.
  • Stop before you hit the ground and come back to the starting position.

Number of Repetitions: Do this 10 times before altering the legs.

How it Helps: It gets the body in full range of motion. This can cause muscle to stay in tension and it is a great way to sweat.

3. Squat Jumps

squat jumps for metabolism

How to Do:

  • Stand straight with feet a shoulder distance apart.
  • Start with a regular squat; engage the core, and then jump.
  • As you land, lower the body into the squat position for completing one repetition.
  • Use the whole foot for jumping.

Number of Repetitions: Do this 10 times and 2-3 sets of it.

How it Helps: It might be tough but it gets the metabolism fired up as you work through the butt and leg, the largest muscle groups of the body.

4. Dumbbell Crushers

dumbbell crushers for metabolism

How to Do:

  • Get a pair of dumbbells. Stand straight and keep your hip in between shoulder and hip-width apart.
  • Hold the dumbbells by the side and start a dumbbell squat.
  • When you are at the base of the squat, do a bicep curl.
  • When you stand, thrust the hip forward and then press dumbbell over the head for doing a shoulder press.
  • When the arms are over the head, bring the dumbbells together and hit on the tricep extension.
  • Lower the dumbbells.

Number of Repetitions: Do this 10 times.

How it Helps: Muscles tend to use more calories. Thus more muscles on the body, the faster will be the metabolism.

5. Burpees

How to Do:

  • Stand straight and keep the feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Place hands on the mat in front of the feet and jump to place feet in the plank position.
  • Do a push-up. Thereafter, jump the feet back towards the hands.
  • Extend your hands and jump.

Number of Repetitions: Do this 10 times.

How it Helps: It requires a lot of energy and power only when you do it the body works 100% and this increased metabolism.

These workouts will help you to burn calories even after you have left the gym. Use this to increase your metabolism and get fit, faster.


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