Andrew Jacked Trains Legs with Legendary Flex Wheeler, Gets High Level Posing Advice

Andrew Jacked Trains With Flex Wheeler

Andrew Jacked is one of the most promising amateurs in bodybuilding right now. In preparation for the 2022 Arnold Classic Amateur show, Andrew Jacked is training legs and practicing some posing techniques with bodybuilding legend, Flex Wheeler. 

If anyone can be of assistance for Jacked, it’s Flex Wheeler. The retired bodybuilder made waves during his tenure in the sport. Given that Wheeler managed to win the Arnold Classic a total of four times (1993, 1997, 1998, and 2000), it stands to reason that he will provide incredible insight for Jacked during the leadup to the event.

In order to get himself ready for the big show, Andrew Jacked has been getting some coaching advice from Flex Wheeler. Not only that, he had recently trained with 212 Olympia champion Flex Lewis and bodybuilding icon, Milo Sarcev too.

Andrew Jacked’s Physique Looks Massive Ahead of 2022 Arnold Classic Amateur

As of late, Jacked trained alongside Flex Wheeler again and the pair have good synergy when it comes to powering through gym sessions. The rising prospect shared a video on his Instagram page displaying him train with the four-time Arnold Classic champion.

“Heavy presses, Light Presses Same Reps Same Mentality Same Goal. Stay Focused on The Mission!” Jacked shared.

This isn’t the first time that Jacked and Flex Wheeler trained together. The pair linked up in mid-December to help Andrew Jacked prepare for his 2022 bodybuilding season. Wheeler has been available to Jacked during his time in prep and those efforts are paying dividends with the Arnold Amateur show rapidly approaching. If Jacked manages to win the 2022 Arnold Amateur show, the bodybuilder will earn his pro card. Additionally, the victory would also lock up a spot at the 2023 Arnold Classic for Jacked.

Jacked’s physique is massive and the blue-chip prospect looks to be in tremendous conditioning. Particularly, Jacked’s colossal upper body appears to be one of his strongest assets. Thanks to Wheeler’s mechanical posing check, Andrew Jacked is building upon his already promising future in bodybuilding.

Andrew is positioned to have an impactful year in the sport. In addition to posing techniques, Jacked also trains legs with Wheeler recently. The rising amateur has made gains since his physique update that surfaced eleven weeks before the upcoming Arnold show. Jacked has made noticeable improvements to his legs and especially his quadriceps and hamstrings. The depth of his leg muscles has changed over the months and his tear drops seem more pronounced in his latest physique update.

“First day Mechanical Posing check with @officialflexwheeler .
We are staying focused on the mission irrespective of the late start into prep.
Yesszzziirrr !!!
Flex wheeler athlete” Andrew Jacked shared.

Bodybuilding is all about presentation. While one can build a great physique, that doesn’t always equate to winning shows or becoming a champion. If success in the sport was solely based on physique, we would have far more champions than we currently have. Impressing the judges through presentation remains a critical factor in determining the very best.

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With the help of Flex Wheeler and a host of other bodybuilders, Jacked is taking a calculated approach to his season this year. The 2022 Arnold Classic Amateur show kicks off in roughly three weeks and Jacked is a front-runner to command the stage and win gold. 


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