Big Ramy Defeats Larry Wheels in Recent Arm-Wrestling Match

Big Ramy Larry Wheels Arm Wrestling

In a show of strength, reigning two-time Mr. Olympia, Big Ramy took on Larry Wheels in a widely publicized arm-wrestling match. Displayed in a video on Instagram, Big Ramy defeats powerlifting phenom Larry Wheels handily. The face-off took place at the B1 Gym in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Larry Wheels is no stranger to challenging himself when it comes to his physicality. The world-record powerlifter has also tried his hand at Strongman, bodybuilding, and recently took his services to the world of arm-wrestling.

Meanwhile, Big Ramy has dominated the bodybuilding scene for back-to-back Olympia appearances in 2020, and 2021. With one of the biggest physiques in the business, the bodybuilder demonstrated that his muscles are for more than just show after facing off with Wheels.

Following two losses against Aleksandr “Schoolboy” Toproll, Larry Wheels has learned some valuable lessons in the sport despite the unflattering results. Wheels was matched with Brandon Allen next but once again came up short. The arm-wrestling match was closer than the results would suggest as Wheels won the first and second rounds before running out of steam.

Known for taking on challenges with opponents from different sporting backgrounds, it made sense to see Wheels and 2020/2021 Mr. Olympia winner going at it.

Big Ramy Looks Unphased During Arm-Wrestling Match with Larry Wheels

As public appearances seem to be rare for Big Ramy, it was a pleasant surprise that engulfed social media when the two were caught on video arm-wrestling.

Wheels shared the video on his Instagram page showing the heated match against Big Ramy. 

big_ramy vs me real OFFICIAL match! 🤥” Larry Wheels shared.

Larry Wheels and Big Ramy differ in weight, which could have played a factor in the result of the arm-wrestling contest. Generally, Wheels clocks his weight in at around 245 – 308lbs (111.1 – 139.7kg). On the other hand, Big Ramy walks around in the offseason at approximately, 341lbs (155kg). Granted, there could have been a dramatic difference in their current weights, considering the experience of Wheels, the performance by Big Ramy was impressive. 

As a bodybuilder, few athletes can compete with the sheer size of Big Ramy’s defined physique. Given the dietary restrictions and exercise regimen that Big Ramy sticks to year-round, it makes his victory over Larry Wheels all the more spectacular. However, as an elite bodybuilder, Big Ramy should practice extreme caution with activities like these to avoid injuries against a strong powerlifter like Wheels.

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Wheels appeared distraught during the arm-wrestling match as he fought to overpower Ramy. The bodybuilding star looked unphased, after smiling, Ramy applied some pressure and got the win without looking too flustered. Following Big Ramy’s arm-wrestling victory against Larry Wheels, it appears the reigning Mr. Olympia winner is putting in the work during his offseason.


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