Bodybuilder Issac Ghavidel Passes Away at 35 After Battle with Sarcoma Cancer

Isaac Ghavidel Has Passed Away

Iranian bodybuilder Issac Ghavidel has passed away following a courageous battle with sarcoma cancer. In 2018, Issac revealed that he had a rare form of cancer and has unfortunately died at only 35 years old. 

Issac underwent brain tumor surgery in 2018 to remove the cancer cells but has passed away a few years following the procedure. Issac’s cancer was due to peptide consumption. During his time fighting cancer, the bodybuilder endured several operations to eradicate the sarcoma cells. The Iranian athlete was known for his size, and always brought a complete package to any stage he graced during his time in the sport. The sad news was first reported by RXMuscle.

Isaac Ghavidel Cancer

The bodybuilder’s career reached its height in 2018 after Issac participated in the popular Toronto Pro show.  This performance of course came after he moved from Iran to Canada. Qavidel finished ninth place at his only IFBB pro show. The field of competition was fierce, and in the end, it was Juan Morel who was able to capture first place. Though the crop of talent was insane in 2018 with names like Akim Williams, Rafael Brandao, Maxx Charles, and Cedric McMillan all taking part in the competition. 

Issac Ghavidel Fought Cancer for 3-Years Before Succumbing 

The bodybuilder’s journey has no doubt inspired the younger generation of talent coming up. While Ghavidel has left this world, his body of work will live on in perpetuity. 

Sarcoma cells grow in connective tissue like bones, nerves, muscles, tendons, cartilage and blood vessels of the arms and legs. The condition can be quite uncomfortable, with abdominal pain, lump, bone pain, and weight loss being some of the most prominent issues with the diagnosis. 

Recently, the sport of bodybuilding has been shaken to its core with deaths in the sport. 2018 Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden passed away in 2021 due to a heart attack and was only 46. Fans also witnessed the passing of IFBB Pro Rhonda Lee Quaresma after her heroic battle with colon cancer. The 52-year-old athlete grappled with the ailment for roughly three years. 

The news about Issac dying at 35 is gut-wrenching. Given his struggles, Issac will still have a significant influence on rising athletes coming from Iran as well as spreading cancer awareness worldwide. Fitness Volt wishes the loved ones and friends of Issac Ghavidel our deepest and most heartfelt condolences. 

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While Issac succumbed to his battle with sarcoma cancer, he will always be remembered for his incredible stage presence and overall mass. At the age of 35, Iranian bodybuilder Issac Ghavidel has passed away but leaves behind a legacy of determination and willpower.


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