Bodybuilder Tom Prince Has Passed Away at 52

Tom Prince Dies at 52

Professional bodybuilder Tom Prince passed away at 52 because of serious health complications. Although the exact cause of death is not known yet, Tom has been having health issues for a very long time, with some sources stating that he battled cancer. His health problems were also the reason for his bodybuilding career-ending. In 2002, Tom stepped on the stage for the last time, and this was because of kidney issues that were caused by a genetic blood condition.

 Tom was a big prospect in the sport, and his breakthrough was in 1997 when he won the 1997 NPC National Championships, which secured him his pro card. At the peak of his career, Tom competed against some of the greatest bodybuilders in history, as he stood on stage with the likes of Jay Cutler, Paul Dillett, and more.


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Tom Prince’s Bodybuilding Career 

 Prince was born in Virginia, on October 26, 1969. With an aesthetic physique, great genetics, and his work ethic, Tom was destined to be great in the sport of bodybuilding. Tom’s rise started once he got in touch with coach Chad Nicholls, who trained many big names. When he first burst out on the scene, everyone noticed his legs, and it was suspected that Tom could be the next quadzilla. However, Tom would only compete for 7 years in total. Here are all of his sanctioned competitions:

  • 1995 Nationals: 2nd place (NPC, Heavyweight)
  • 1996 Nationals: 2nd place (NPC, Heavyweight)
  • 1996 USA Championships: 2nd place (NPC, Heavyweight)
  • 1997 Nationals: 1st place (NPC, Overall)
  • 1997 Nationals: 1st place (NPC, Heavyweight)
  • 1997 USA Championships: 9th place (NPC, Heavyweight)
  • 1999 Night of Champions: 13th place (IFBB)
  • 2000 Arnold Classic: 11th place (IFBB)
  • 2000 Ironman Pro Invitational: 9th place (IFBB)
  • 2001 Grand Prix England: 8th place (IFBB)
  • 2001 Night of Champions: 3rd place (IFBB)
  • 2001 Olympia: 16th place (IFBB)
  • 2002 Night of Champions: 7th place (IFBB)
  • 2002 Southwest Pro Cup: 9th place (IFBB)

In the 1996 NPC National Championships, Tom came second place, with only Jay Cutler beating him. Although he did not win, many consider that physique to be his best.  He never won any competition as a Pro but he was published in many magazines during his era.

You can watch his posing from 1996 here:

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Tom Prince was a phenomenal bodybuilder and an even better person. He would welcome every new pro bodybuilder and talked openly about his career. Unfortunately, we have lost another legend of the sport.

FitnessVolt would like to extend our most sincere condolences to the family and friends of Tom Prince. May He Rest In Peace. The former NPC Nationals Champion is survived by his wife, Becca, and two kids.


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