Bodybuilders Nick Walker And Blessing Awodibu Hits High-Intensity Chest And Triceps Workout

Nick Walker Blessing Awodibu Chest Triceps

2021 Arnold Classic winner Nick Walker and rival-turned-training partner Blessing Awodibu recently went through a chest and triceps workout. Walker is making gains in the gym and will most probably return to compete at the 2022 Olympia towards the end of the year. On the other hand, Awodibu is taking an extended break from competition to improve his physique. The timeline for his return is not confirmed yet.

Walker and Awodibu have collaborated for many training sessions and are currently training together at the Redcon1 gym. They went through the high-volume and heavy chest and triceps workout with the usual playful manner and presented themselves as frenemies than mere training partners. The workouts consisted of high-rep sets and many drop sets to get the most out of the training session. Nick Walker uploaded the video of this training session on his YouTube channel.

Nick Walker and Blessing Awodibu’s chest and triceps workout

The duo started the training session with seated cable flies. While the intensity of the exercise was very high, it was the warm-up to get the blood flowing before delving into the chest and triceps workout.

For the chest workout, Walker and Awodibu started out heavy with Flex Leverage inclined press. After two initial sets, they wrapped up the workout with a drop set and moved on to humblers. Following this, the chest training finished with inclined dumbbell flyes and turned their attention to triceps training.

As evident from Nick Walker’s previous training videos, he firmly believes that arms respond best to high-rep and moderate weights. He went through the triceps workout with the same principle. In addition to that, he focused on performing most of the workouts to failure with moderate weights. The duo started the triceps workout with rope push-downs. They next performed flat bench triceps extensions and inclined triceps extensions. The triceps workout concluded with one regular set and one drop set of reverse-grip triceps press-down to failure.

Chest and triceps workout summary


  • Seated Cable Flyes – 3 sets and 1 drop set

Chest workout

  • Flex Leverage Incline Press – 2 sets and 1 drop set
  • Humbler – 2 sets
  • Incline Dumbbell Flyes – 3 sets

Triceps Workout

  • Rope push-down – 3 sets to failure
  • Flat bench triceps extensions with bar – 2 sets
  • Inclined triceps extensions with dumbbell – 2 sets
  • Reverse-grip cable triceps press-down – 1 set and 1 drop set to failure

Courtesy of Nick Walker’s YouTube channel, you can watch the full training video here:


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