Dexter Jackson Making Gains for Possible Run at Masters Olympia Next Year

Dexter Jackson Making Gains

Elite bodybuilding and Dexter Jackson go hand and hand. Recently, Jackson shared a workout on his Instagram page that has fans wondering if he might attempt a run at Masters Olympia in 2023. 

Competing in the sport for nearly three decades, Dexter Jackson is the embodiment of hard work and dedication. During his heyday, “The Blade” managed to become 2008 Mr. Olympia, after defeating fellow bodybuilding icon Jay Cutler in the finals. In addition to his Olympia victory, Jackson also managed to win the Arnold Classic a total of five times (2005, 2006, 2008, 2013, 2015).

Before his final Olympia show in 2020, Jackson decided win or lose, he would retire from the sport and followed through. After placing ninth at Olympia, the bodybuilder stepped away. However, that hasn’t stopped the legend from periodically sharing physique updates and workout routines. Recently, the Mr. Olympia president made headlines after revealing that Masters Olympia will return “definitely by 2023”.

The news was certainly welcome for Dexter Jackson, who won the final Masters competition in 2012. At the time, the age limit for the show was 40 years and above. While “The Blade” has made no indications that he will be competing at Masters, it appears he’s a prime candidate for the show and its anticipated return.

Dexter Jackson’s Longevity Lends Itself to Masters Olympia

At 52 years old, Jackson still displays strength and versatility inside the gym. Despite looking downsized as of late, it illustrates Jackson’s focus on staying healthy while no longer competing in bodybuilding shows. The legend shared a workout video on his Instagram page with a slimmer physique. 


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