Dwarf Powerlifter Mike Kuhns Squats 250kg (551.2lbs) In Training

Mike Kuhns Powerlifter

Powerlifter with dwarfism, Mike Kuhns, is working hard in the training room to prepare for the USAPL Powerlifting Championships at the 2022 Arnold Sports Festival. The competition will be held from March 4-6, 2022, at the Columbus Convention Center in Ohio. Mike competes in the tested 60 kg category, and with less than 5 weeks left, he is posting some amazing lifts. The most recent one was a 250 kg (551.2 lbs) squat, which he shared on his Instagram account.

In the video, we can see Mike using a lifting belt and knee sleeves to aid him in the lift. With a 250 kg (551.2 lbs) squat, Mike equalized the All-Time World Record Squat in the 60 kg category, across all tested federations. The squat seemed very comfortable for him, and we could see a new World Record soon.

You can watch the squat here:

Mike Kuhns’ Career and Achievements 

At 36-years-old, Mike Kuhns is a veteran of the sport. His first competition was the 1999 AAU World Bench Press Championships, where he was just 14-years-old. He has consistently competed since then, and took part in over 50 competitions, accumulating many wins along the way. 

Mike’s most notable wins are the 2008 IPF World Sub-Juniors & Juniors Powerlifting Championships, 2009 IPF World Bench Press Championships and the 2011 USAPL Raw Nationals. Mike also holds the Second-Heaviest All-Time Squat of 245 kg (540.1 lbs) in the 60 kg category, across all fully tested federations. He did the lift at the 2017 USAPL DC Barbell Club PRO Invitational.

Mike has a heavier squat, but he did not do it in a fully tested federation.

Mike Kuhns’ current competition PRs:

  • Squat: 252.5 kg (556.7 kg) (2006 ADAU Single Lift Nationals)
  • Bench Press: 156.9 kg (345.9 lbs) (2006 ADAU Single Lift Nationals)
  • Deadlift: 187.5 kg (413.4 lbs) (2019 USAPL Arnold Battle of the Regions)
  • Total: 573.8 kg (1265 lbs) (2006 ADAU Powerlifting Nationals)

Mike Kuhns defies the expectations of what can be accomplished with a squat of over 4x his bodyweight. He will take part in both the regular powerlifting competition and squat challenge at the Arnold Sports Festival. With lifts like these in training, Mike will certainly excel and impress on the platform.


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