Ex-Fitness Influencer Brittany Dawn Davis Sued by Texas State for Misleading Clients with Eating Disorders

Brittany Dawn sued by State of Texas

Fitness influencer Brittany Dawn Davis has been sued by the State of Texas after allegedly misleading people with eating disorders. In addition to engaging in deceptive practices, the socialite failed to honor commitments to patrons that she promised specific nutrition plans for. 

With over 465K followers on Instagram, Brittany Dawn has made a name for herself as a social media influencer. Dawn transitioned from fitness-based content to providing her fanbase with content that aligns with the values of Christianity recently. However, the influencer has caused widespread mayhem on more than one occasion relating to misleading business operations. 

In 2019, Dawn was accused of fraud after people caught wind that she might be engaging in unlawful or immoral business practices. According to the earlier report, a dad who gave his daughter the money for one of Brittany Dawn’s lessons took to YouTube and called her out for being a “scammer”.

After expressing frustration and asking for his money back, the angry customer soon finds out that Dawn insists that anyone filing for a refund is forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). 

Details Emerge from Brittany Dawn’s Unfair Business Practices

With the State of Texas taking part in litigation against Dawn, more details surrounding her business operations have emerged. The court documents state that she engaged in practices that hurt individuals suffering from eating disorders. 

The 30-year-old influencer started selling fitness packages in 2014. After building her successful social media presence by focusing on healthy living, the entrepreneur has done quite well for herself financially. Documents pertaining to her case were filed at the Dallas County Court on Feb. 1 and were reported first by the Dallas Morning News.

“She was described as ‘your coach, your confidant, your biggest supporter & friend,’ there to ‘push you, mold you, and to help you find that person that you’ve always wanted to become,’” reads the lawsuit from the Texas Attorney General.

Lawsuit Copy

Court filings indicate that Brittany Dawn Fitness LLC fitness courses ranged in price from $92 to $300 per month. Brittany claims that she offered tailored fitness plans for dozens of clients and encouraged them all to interact and discuss their progress on a private Facebook messenger group. However, after the patrons interacted, they found out that all of their fitness plans were the same. In addition, the suit alleges that when Brittany issued feedback to her clients, the messages were always non-substantive, like, “THAT’S MY GIRL! You’re killing it!” and “you’ve got this babe!”.

As it stands, at least 14 people with eating disorders have requested refunds from Brittany Davis’ fitness routines. Someone in the suit also claimed that Davis identifies as someone who has suffered from eating disorders and that was said to have played a major factor in seeking out her paid services. The lawsuit documents maintain that Brittany denied knowingly working with anyone suffering from eating disorders. 

In the aforementioned 2019 Feb. case, Davis apologized for wrongdoings in a YouTube video. The Fitness star then made an appearance on Good Morning America where she apologized for any wrongdoings and reiterated that she will do whatever she can to make things right.

Following her admission on television, the fitness instructor took to YouTube and explained that she was switching her content from a fitness focus to placing more importance on Christianity and religion. 

“Fitness and health are no longer my identity. My identity is in Christ,” she said in a YouTube video. “You guys know that I went into a season of hiding when everything happened […] I heard [God] say, ‘Stop trying to hide what I’m using.’”

Davis’ content did a 180 and began to center around religion. The influencer is now the head of She Lives Freed, which is a religious conference that, where she charges $125 per person. According to the lawsuit, the attorney general’s office is seeking $250,000 and $1 million in penalties and court fees. 

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Brittany Dawn Davis has admitted that she needs God while handling the litigation surrounding her business practices. After being sued by the State of Texas, it was revealed that Dawn violated the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices-Consumer Protection Act. 


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