Mark Wahlberg Looks Jacked with Washboard Abs at 50

Mark Wahlberg Abs 50yo

From teen actor to one of the most renowned entertainers in Hollywood, Mark Wahlberg is an inspiration as he never let fame get in the way of carving out a ripped physique. The 50-year-old movie star recently shared a video on social media showing off defined abs and great conditioning

Last year, Wahlberg transformed his body for a role in the film entitled, Father Stu. The movie featured Wahlberg playing a boxer who redirects his life path by becoming a priest. The famously ripped actor admits that he gained over 30lbs in one month for the cinema project

Preparing his body for the movie role, Wahlberg was eating as much as 11,000 calories per day. Of course, since gaining the extra weight, it’s been Wahlberg’s priority this year to shed it and transform his physique back into the muscled build he’s been sporting since the early 90s. 

In each of his acting projects, Wahlberg takes an immersive approach and always treats the movie roles he’s preparing for with a degree of authenticity. Even with money and worldwide fame, carving out a natural-looking physique with a six-pack of abs at 50 is difficult. Wahlberg never let those sentiments determine how he looks in cinema and is one of the fittest actors in the industry today. 

Mark Wahlberg Inspires at 50-Years-Old

Even entering his fifties, Wahlberg takes care of his body and builds muscle. In a recent share to his Instagram page, the famous actor showed off the fruits of his labor.


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