Matt Jansen Reveals He’s No Longer Working with Nick Walker

Matt Jansen Nick Walker

Matt Jansen and Nick Walker worked together to kick off the rookie year for “The Mutant”. In a recent Instagram stories post, Jansen admits that he and Walker are no longer working together. 

Jansen played a major role in the early development of Nick Walker’s pro career and trained him to become the 2021 Arnold Classic champion. In order to succeed in bodybuilding, having the right coach for guidance and discipline are always contributing factors to success. Despite the fact that only one athlete stands on stage competing, typically bodybuilders are backed by knowledgeable coaches and teams who have been around the sport for years. 

Nick Walker had just that, and with the help of his coach Matt Jansen, the pair had a monumental year. In 2021, Walker took home gold at the New York Pro. Then, Walker doubled down and prophesized a win at the Arnold Classic. 

While Walker attempted Mr. Olympia, he ultimately ended up placing in fifth. Speculation surrounded Walker because he opted not to defend his title at the upcoming 2022 Arnold Classic. However, the bodybuilder intends to take the extra time to enhance his physique and increase his placement at his next Olympia appearance

Matt Jansen & Nick Walker Separate Amicably 

The two have separated from training with one another. Matt Jansen revealed as much after sharing an Instagram story giving support to Nick and his future endeavors. 

“Is it true that you and Nick split up? one person writes.

Nick and I are not working together. We had a good run. I wish him the best! Rookie season for the history books!” Matt Jansen replied

The road ahead could be full of landmines for Nick Walker as finding a trustworthy coach in bodybuilding can be harder than it looks. However, judging by his 2021 season he might have the knowledge and tools to enhance his physique appropriately in the coming months. 

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Nick decided to leave New Jersey and his sponsorships with Revive and RAW. Matt Jansen is part owner of these supplement companies. Matt and Nick played a role in helping each other, but Nick took to Florida and wanted to start a new team instead.

Some suspect Jansen told Nick he needed a break in competition after Nick claimed he wanted to compete at the Arnold this year. Jansen was adamant that Nick needed time off to rest and improve his physique for Olympia. Ultimately Nick took Jansen’s advice, but the pair still split up. Conversely, other rumors have suggested that Nick told Jansen he would have to drop all of his bodybuilding talent in order to retain Nick as a client. 

Jansen’s former pupil, Nick Walker moved to Florida and continues to train for 2022 Mr. Olympia expected to take place this Dec. The 2021 Arnold champ has a notable YouTube presence and is often seen training with Blessing Awodibu at the RedCon1 Gym in Boca Raton Fl. Matt Jansen has stepped away from being Walker’s coach but at least the duo separated with no obvious ill will towards each other. 


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