Powerlifter Shane Haller Sets New All-Time World Record Raw Squat 420 kg (926 lbs) To Win 2022 WRPF The Ghost Clash

Shane Haller 420kg Squat

Powerlifting titan, Shane Haller, is usually recognized for his sheer size, standing at 2 meters (6-foot 6-inches) tall, and weighing 139 kg (306.4 lbs). He is also a powerlifting prodigy, which he proved at The 2022 Ghost Clash, held on February 13th, 2022, in Miami, Florida. Shane dominated the field to grab first place but also set a new All-Time World Record Raw Squat of 420 kg (926 lbs) in the 140 kg category.

All three of Shane’s squat attempts were successful. His opener weighed 385 kg (848.9 lbs), which he did with ease. On the second attempt, Shane equalized his PR of 410 kg (903.9 lbs), and the last attempt was the world record 420 kg (926 lbs). It was a long and exhausting rep, but he pushed through and claimed the record.

You can watch the lift here: 


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The previous world record stood at 418.5 kg (922.6 lbs) and was set by Robb Philippus at 2017 WRPF Boss of Bosses 4. 

Shane Haller’s Bench And Deadlift 

Shane’s squat was a great way to start the competition and gave him an enormous advantage, but he still had to perform well in the bench press and deadlift to win. He did just that and secured himself a $5,000 first-place award. The winner was judged by the WILKS score, and Shane Haller’s score came out to be 595,513.

Shane also had all three successful attempts at the bench press event. His first lift was 230 kg (507 lbs), which got upped to 247.5 (545.6 lbs) for the second attempt. The third and final attempt was 252.5 kg (556.7 lbs), which looked very comfortable for him despite being his last attempt. This is his new PR, as it is 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs) heavier than what he did at the 2021 WRPF The Bucked Up Showdown. 

The deadlift is not his best event, but it is certainly very impressive. Shane started with a 370 kg (815.7 lbs) pull and moved on to 392.5 kg (865.3 lbs), which is his new PR. His last attempt of 405 kg (892.9 lbs) was unsuccessful, as he didn’t even break it off the floor. 


  • 385 kg (848.9 lbs)
  • 410 kg (903.9 lbs)
  • 420 kg (926 lbs) — New All-Time Raw World Record

Bench Press

  • 230 kg (507.1 lbs)
  • 247.5 kg  (545.6 lbs)
  • 252.5 kg (556.7 lbs)


  • 370 kg (815.7 lbs)
  • 392.5 kg (865.3 lbs)
  • 405 kg (892.9 lbs) – Unsuccessful attempt

Total:  1,065 kg (2,347.9 lbs)

Courtesy of Alpowerliftingtv YouTube channel, you can watch all his lifts here: 


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Shane Haller’s Career 

Shane has been competing in powerlifting since 2016, and has played collegiate football before. He has competed in 11 sanctioned competitions and won 10 of them. Most notably, he came first in the 140 kg category at the 2021 WRPF The Bucked Up Showdown.

Shane has never claimed a World Record until his 420 kg squat at The 2022 Ghost Clash. In addition, Shane improved all of his official PRs at the 2022 Ghost Clash, and they are now:

  • Squat: 420 kg (926 lbs)
  • Bench Press: 252.5 kg (556.7 lbs)
  • Deadlift: 392.5 kg (865.3 lbs) All-Time World Record 
  • Total: 1065 kg (2347.9 lbs) Third-Highest All-Time Total

If Shane managed to deadlift 405 kg (892.9 lbs), he would have broken the 140 kg category Total World Record, which is held by Larry Wheels. In addition, His WILKS score would be over 600, which has only been done 4 times in the men’s raw category. Shane will definitely keep improving, and break through these milestones.


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