2022 Arnold Classic Results For All Divisions – Winners & Prizes

Arnold Classic 2022 Full Results

The Arnold Sports Festival is fast becoming one of the biggest sports contests on the planet. The 2022 Arnold Classic is scheduled between Mar. 3-6, 2022 at Battelle Grand Ballroom of the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH.

The 34th edition of the Arnold Sports Festival featured over 20,000 athletes from 80 nations competing across 60 different shows. It was a fest in its truest sense. 

The bodybuilding segment of the ASF consisted of eight divisions:

Although the Arnold Classic has grown into a mammoth sports festival, the Men’s Open bodybuilding still remains the biggest attraction of the show. 

The Wellness International division made a debut at the 2022 Arnold Classic in Columbus, OH. The Wellness division is fast becoming one of the popular divisions amongst bodybuilding fans and female athletes. 

Stakes are always high at the Arnold Classic as the winner of each bodybuilding division is awarded direct qualification for the Olympia. The 2022 Olympia is scheduled for Dec. 16-18 in Las Vegas, NV. 

Additionally, since the Arnold Classic (USA) is one of the two Tier-1 pro bodybuilding contests besides Rising Phoenix, the second to fifth-place finishers earn significantly higher points as per the Olympia Qualification System (OQS) compared to the other three tiers. 

The Arnold Classic is an invite-only contest and each bodybuilder on the AC stage is amongst the best in the world and commands the fans’ respect and admiration. However, the Arnold Classic is the second biggest bodybuilding contest behind the prestigious Mr. Olympia and only one contestant from every division can take home the gold.

2022 Arnold Classic Winners:

  • Men’s Open: Brandon Curry
  • Classic Physique: Terrence Ruffin
  • Men’s Physique: Erin Banks
  • Bikini: Lauralie Chapados
  • Wellness: Isabelle Nunes
  • Fitness: Ariel Khadr
  • Figure: Cydney Gillon
  • Pro Wheelchair: Gabriele Andriulli

2022 Arnold Classic Complete Results

Below are results and a recap of the bodybuilding action from the 2022 Arnold Classic:

2022 Arnold Classic Men’s Open Results

2022 Arnold Classic Bodybuilding Results

2019 Mr. Olympia champion and 2019 Arnold Classic winner, Brandon Curry won the Arnold Classic Men’s Open division on Mar. 5, 2022, in Columbus, Ohio. He got a tuff fight from William Bonac, but it wasn’t enough to keep the 2019 Mr. Olympia winner from conquering the 2022 AC throne.

William Bonac and Steve Kuclo both showed up with their best physiques to date and took second and third place respectively. Samson Dauda surprised the fans with his fourth-place finish ahead of Justin Rodriguez and Brett Wilkin. 

  • Winner — Brandon Curry, $200,000
  • Second Place — William Bonac, $120,000
  • Third Place — Steve Kuclo, $70,000
  • Fourth Place — Samson Dauda, $37,500
  • Fifth Place — Justin Rodriguez, $20,000
  • Sixth Place — Brett Wilkin, $12,500

*Franco Columbu Most Muscular Award — William Bonac, $10,000

*Ed Corney Best Poser Award — Brandon Curry, $10,000

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Arnold Classic 2022 Classic Physique Results

Terrence Ruffin Wins Classic Physique

The Classic Physique has in a short time become of the most popular bodybuilding divisions. The 2022 AC Classic Physique roster features two returning AC champs — Terrence Ruffin (2021) and Breon Ansley (2018).

Ruffin won his second back-to-back AC title at the 2022 showdown by successfully defending his throne becoming the first Classic Physique bodybuilder to win two AC titles. 

Ruff Diesel was awarded a record $60,000 for winning the AC Classic Physique divisionTerrence Ruffin also won the best poser award, winning an additional $10,000. 

Ramon and Urs showed up at the 2022 AC with incredible conditioning and size and won a much-deserved place on the podium. The 2017 and 2018 Classic Physique Olympia champ Breon Ansley finished in fourth place. 

  • Winner — Terrence Ruffin, $60,000
  • Second Place— Ramon Rocha Queiroz , $30,000
  • Third Place — Urs Kalecinski, $20,000
  • Fourth Place — Breon Ansley, $7000
  • Fifth Place — Michael Daboul, $4000
  • Sixth Place — Peter Molnar, $2000

* Best Poser Award — Terrence Ruffin, $10,000

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2022 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique Results

Erin Banks Wins The Arnold Classic Mens Physique

Erin Banks and Emanual Hunter were the frontrunners for the Arnold Classic Men’s Physique title as soon as they stepped on the stage. While it was a close-fought battle, Banks ultimately took home the title.
It was Banks’ conditioning, symmetry, and stage presence that stole the show. Hunter was the dark horse and took home second place.

  • Winner — Erin Banks, $10,000
  • Second Place— Emanual Hunter, $6,000
  • Third Place — Diogo Montenegro, $4,000
  • Fourth Place — Antoine Weatherspoon, $3,000
  • Fifth Place — Choi Bong Seok, $2000
  • Sixth Place – Terrence Teo Kok Hua, $1,500

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2022 Arnold Classic Bikini Results

2022 Arnold Classic Bikini International Results

The Bikini division elite Lauralie Chapados won her first Arnold Classic. She brought her trademark shape and conditioning to the 2022 AC stage and had significantly improved her physique since the 2021 Olympia, helping her take home the title.  

Maureen Blanquisco and Ashley Kaltwasser took home second and third place respectively. 

  • Winner — Lauralie Chapados, $10,000
  • Second Place— Maureen Blanquisco, $6,000
  • Third Place — Ashley Kaltwasser, $4,000
  • Fourth Place — Elisa Pecini, $3,000
  • Fifth Place — Jourdanne Lee, $2000
  • Sixth Place — Alessia Facchin, $1500

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2022 Arnold Classic Wellness Results

2022 Arnold Classic Wellness Results

Wellness International made a debut at the 34th edition of the Arnold Classic. Thanks to her lower body volume and muscle separation, Isabelle Nunes stood out from the moment she stepped on stage.

Angela Borges’ second-place finish came as a surprise to many fans who were expecting her to take home the gold. Sunny Andrews climbed up the Wellness ranks to claim a spot on the podium. 

The Wellness division is fast becoming of the most popular contests, and we cannot wait to see these amazing athletes in the next show.

  • Winner — Isabelle Nunes, $7,000
  • Second Place— Angela Borges, $4,000
  • Third Place — Sunny Andrews, $3,000
  • Fourth Place — Julia Chitarra, $2,000
  • Fifth Place — Yarishna Ayala, $1,500
  • Sixth Place — Kassandra Gillis, $1,000

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2022 Arnold Classic Figure Results

Cydney Gillon Wins Figure International

The Figure International division was making a comeback at the 2022 AC after being dropped from the 2021 edition due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Cydney Gillon, 2019 AC Figure champ and 5X Figure Olympia winner made a comeback at the 2022 AC after a two-year hiatus. Gillon was in total control of the show the moment she stepped on stage and dethroned Natalia Soltero to win her second AC title. 

The defending champ Natalia Soltero’s fifth-place finish was the only upset of the division. However, Jessica Reyes Padilla blew away the fans and judges with her peeled and symmetrical physique.

  • Winner — Cydney Gillon, $16,000
  • Second Place— Jessica Reyes Padilla, $10,000
  • Third Place — Lola Montez, $8,000
  • Fourth Place — Nicole Zenobia Graham, $5,000
  • Fifth Place — Natalia Soltero, $3,000
  • Sixth Place — Bojana Vasiljevic, $2,000

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2022 Arnold Classic Fitness Results

Ariel Khadr Wins Fitness International

The Fitness International division probably has the most elaborate judging system. Nonetheless, it is one of the most entertaining divisions to follow. The solo dance routines with the costumes and props add glamour to the contest. 

The 2X Arnold Classic Fitness International winner (2020 and 2021) and the 2020 Ms. Fitness Olympia champ, Missy Truscott was the front runner to win the 2022 AC. 

However, Ariel Khadr surprised everyone with her dry and hard physique in the pre-judging round and “Terminator” themed solo routine. Khadr won her first Arnold Classic Fitness International title at the 2022 showdown in Ohio and earned an automatic qualification for the 2022 Olympia in the process. 

  • Winner — Ariel Khadr, $25,000
  • Second Place— Missy Truscott, $13,000
  • Third Place — Jaclyn Baker, $8,000
  • Fourth Place — Kate Errington, $5,000
  • Fifth Place — Tamara Vahn, $3,000
  • Sixth Place — Allison Kramer, 2,000

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2022 Arnold Classic Wheelchair Pro Results

Gabrielle Andriulli Wins Wheelchair Pro

The Pro Wheelchair division was headlined by Harold “King Kong” Kelley. Kelley is a 4X Wheelchair Olympia champion (2018-2021) and a 5X Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair winner (2016-2020). 

However, Gabriele Andriulle wasn’t too far behind and went head-to-head with the wheelchair legend. Andriulle dominated the AC wheelchair lineup the moment he rolled onto the stage and became the first wheelchair bodybuilder to defeat Harold Kelley in a pro show. With his AC win, Andriulle has now become Kelley’s number one challenger for the 2022 Olympia title. 

Gabriele’s win could go down as one of the biggest surprises at the 2022 AC. 

  • First Place — Gabriele Andriulle
  • Second Place — Harold Kelley
  • Third Place — Bradley Betts
  • Fourth Place — Chad McCrary 

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The next pro bodybuilding show on the cards is the 2022 Boston Pro scheduled for Mar. 12, 2022, at the Sheraton Boston Hotel. The show is headlined by Regan Grimes and Steve Kuclo and features the Men’s Open, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Fitness, Bikini, Figure, and Wellness divisions.


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