2022 Asia Grand Prix Pro Results

2022 Asia Grand Prix Pro

ReThe 2022 South Korea AGP (Asia Grand Prix) Pro Olympia qualifier took place on Sunday March 20, 2022 in Seoul, South Korea. It featured Men’s Physique competitors who battled it out for top spots. The event was a 2022 Olympia qualifier, therefore, winner secured a spot to compete at the big event scheduled for Dec 15-18, 2022, in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood. 

Men’s Physique, Bong Seok Choi beat out the rest of his division for first prize. Second to him was Yoon Sung Lee followed by Seungho Chae in third. 

There’ve been several recent Olympia 2022 qualifier competitions including the Fitworld Pro, Musclecontest Campinas ProKuwait Classic Pro, Boston Pro and Arnold Classic 2022 to name a few.  The deadline to qualify for the 2022 Olympia is November 20, 2022.. 

Check out the results for the 2022 Asian Grand Prix Pro below.

2022 South Korea AGP Pro Results

Men’s Physique

  • Winner — Bong Seok Choi
  • Second Place — Yoon Sung Lee
  • Third Place — Seungho Chae
  • Fourth Place — Bum Su Park
  • Fifth Place — Woo Young Seo
  • Sixth Place — Tae Won Yong
  • Seventh Place — Yujin Lee
  • Eighth Place — Eun Taek Oh
  • Ninth Place — Bum Su Park
  • Tenth Place — Yashar Anbari

2022 South Korea AGP Pro Scorecards

2022 South Korea AGP Pro Scorecard


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