2022 San Diego Pro Championships Results and Scorecards

2022 San Diego Pro Results

The 2022 San Diego Pro Championships Olympia qualifier took place on March 26,  2022, in San Diego, California, featuring the Men’s Classic Physique division.

Top competitors for the Classic Physique division gathered in San Diego, California hoping to earn the chance to compete in the biggest competition of the year 2022 Mr. Olympia.  The Classic Physique division is quickly rising in popularity and becoming a crowd favorite in recent years. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger said he wants this division to be bigger like Men’s bodybuilding.

In the end, Tony Duong from Peoria, Arizona won the first place prize. Second to him was Jason Strayhand followed by Jeremy Dutra in third.

There’ve been several recent Olympia 2022 qualifier competitions that went down, starting with Arnold Classic 2022, followed by the Boston Pro, then the Kuwait Classic ProFitworld Pro, Musclecontest Campinas ProAsia Grand Prix Pro, Caribbean Pro Bermuda and the Thailand Pro show to name a few.  The deadline to qualify for the 2022 Olympia is November 20, 2022.

The official results are in, you can check the full results and scorecards from this contest below. 

2022 San Diego Pro Results

Classic Physique

  • Winner — Tony Duong
  • Second Place — Jason Strayhand
  • Third Place — Jeremy Dutra
  • Fourth Place — Damien Patrick
  • Fifth Place — Bartley Weaver IV
  • Sixth Place — Muhammed Alzidan
  • Seventh Place — Johnathan Jimenez
  • Eighth Place — Noel Thompson
  • Ninth Place — Kasey Housmans

2022 San Diego Pro Scorecard

2022 San Diego Pro Classic Physique Scorecard

Fitness Volt congratulates the winners on their big victories at the 2022 San Diego Pro Championships.


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