Ariel Khadr is the 2022 Arnold Classic Fitness International Champion

Ariel Khadr Wins Fitness International

At the 2022 Arnold Classic held from Mar. 3-6, 2022, 10 Fitness division athletes stepped onto the sport’s second-biggest stage in Columbus, OH, and Ariel Khadr came out as the champion. 

The 2022 Arnold Classic Fitness International roster was headlined by the 2X Arnold Classic Fitness International winner (2020 and 2021) and the 2020 Ms. Fitness Olympia champ, Missy Truscott. Truscott was the fan favorite going into the show. 

Since the podium finishers from the 2021 Olympia (Whitney Jones and Oksana Grishina) were not competing at the 2022 AC, the Fitness International defending champ, Missy Truscott, had a great chance of successfully defending her title and becoming only the third bodybuilder after Adela Garcia and Oksana Grishina to win three consecutive AC Fitness International titles.

However, Ariel Khadr had plans of her own and presented her solid contention for the 2022 AC Fitness International crown. Khadr placed fourth at the 2021 Ms. Fitness Olympia and third at the 2021 AC. She has been cementing her place in the top ranks for some time now and looked ready to claim the top spot. 

Ariel Khadr has now become Whitney Jones’s number one challenger for the Olympia throne at the 2022 Mr. O (scheduled for Dec. 16-18 in Las Vegas, NV).

The first callout included Missy Truscott, Ariel Khadr, Jaclyn Baker, and Tamara Vahn. However, the final callout featured Truscott and Khadr. Interestingly, the same pair was featured in the third callout of the 2021 Arnold Classic. 

Deciphering Fitness International 

Fitness International is one of the most entertaining divisions at a bodybuilding show. Arguably, it is also the most challenging for athletes.

Fitness athletes have to go through three rounds, including pre-judging, a dance-style routine, and a final face-off. 

To stand a chance of winning a Fitness show, an athlete needs to master her acro dancing routine and be in great shape to impress the judges with her bodybuilding quarter poses. 

An athlete is marked on the following mandatory moves in her routine – push-up (any kind), high kick, straddle hold, and side split. A dance-style routine is usually a combination of hip-hop dancing, gymnastics, posing, calisthenics, and cheerleading.

2022 Arnold Classic Fitness International Results & Prize Money

Here are the final results for the 2022 AC Fitness International: 

1. Ariel Khadr – $25,000

Ariel Khadr showcased a complete package at the 2021 Arnold Classic Fitness International and she was ahead of her competition in every aspect. 

Ariel Khadr has been tailing Truscott since the 2021 AC. Khadr clearly had Missy beat in the leg and abdomen department. However, Khadr took her lead to the next level in the dance-routine segment. Her “Terminator” dance-style routine was one of the best and was enough to upset Missy Truscott’s winning streak.

Ariel Khadr won the 2009 NPC Team Universe Fitness competition at just 17 years old, earning her IFBB Pro Card. This made her the youngest person in IFBB Pro history to qualify for the pro competition.

Khadr’s 2022 Arnold Classic title win has earned her qualification for the 2022 Olympia. As per the Olympia Qualification System (OQS), the winner of each division at a pro show earns an automatic Olympia qualification. Additionally, each Arnold Classic winner earns a lifetime qualification to complete in any AC show in any year. 

2. Missy Truscott – $13,000

Missy Truscott lost her Fitness Olympia crown in Oct. 2021. Her losing streak continues as she was not successful in defending her Arnold Classic throne at the  2022 showdown in Ohio. 

Missy Truscott had the overall package. She had a great dance routine and brought a dry and peeled look to the AC stage, but that wasn’t enough to outshine Ariel Khadr. 

3. Jaclyn Baker – $8,000

Jaclyn shined in the first callouts. She was placed next to Truscott in the initial callouts and for a moment it looked like she could upset the defending Arnold Classic Figure International champ and take home the title. 

Jaclyn Baker is another bodybuilder who has been climbing the ranks steadily. She came in fourth at the 2021 Arnold and got fifth at 2021 Olympia in the fitness division. 

4. Kate Errington – $5,000

According to us, Kate Errington had a beautiful dance routine and climbed up the ranks due to the segment. 

5. Tamara Vahn- $3,000

While Tamara had a decent physique and dance routine, she never appeared to be a threat to Ariel Khadr.  She did a great job considering the fact that it was her Arnold Classic debut. 

6. Allison Kramer – $2,000

Arnold Classic Fitness International Champions

The Fitness International division debuted at the AC in 1994 and has seen 17 champions since. 

Years Winners
2021 Missy Truscott
2020 Missy Truscott
2019 Ryall Graber
2018 Whitney Jones
2017 Oksana Grishina
2016 Latorya Watts
2015 Camala Rodriguez-McClure
2014 Candice Keene
2013 Candice Keene
2012 Nicole Wilkins
2011 Nicole Wilkins
2010 Nicole Wilkins
2009 Zivile Raudoniene
2008 Gina Aliotti
2007 Mary Elizabeth Lado
2006 Mary Elizabeth Lado
2005 Jenny Lynn
2004 Jenny Lynn
2003 Jenny Lynn

Wrapping Up

Fitness Volt congratulates Ariel Khadr on her 2022 Arnold Classic Fitness International win. 

Do you agree with the Arnold Classic 2022 Fitness International results? Who do you think should have won the title? Let us know by tagging us on social media and in the comments below. 

Stay tuned to Fitness Volt to keep up with the results and coverage of the contest.

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