Bethany Shadburne Suffered Back Injury, Announces Withdrawal From The 2022 CrossFit Season

Bethany Shadburne Injury

CrossFitter Bethany Shadburne has suffered a season-ending back injury in the warm-up for the CrossFit Quarterfinals, and it has forced her to withdraw from the 2022 CrossFit Season. She is also the second top-level CrossFit athlete to withdraw from this season in a short time frame, as Emma Cary did the same just three days ago. This back injury will prevent her from competing at the most coveted CrossFit competition for a second consecutive year, as Covid-19 forced her out of the 2021 CrossFit Games.

Bethany Shadburne revealed the news of withdrawing on her Instagram on March 28th,2022. Bethany explained that she got injured while warming up for ‘The Other Total’ workout of the Quarterfinals. This workout required athletes to post a one-rep max of a bench press, overhead squat, and a clean. Bethany is very disappointed, but she will undoubtedly overcome this setback and come back even stronger. 

“I went to do “The Other Total” and unfortunately during my warm up, my back went out on me, leaving me on the floor and knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to do the rest of the weekend… This wasn’t a huge surprise to me with the variety of injuries that had come my way since COVID.” 

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Coming into the Quarterfinals, Bethany Shadburne had an impressive performance in the 2022 CrossFit Open, having placed 107th overall. She had the honor of being in the 22.1 workout announcement, but her best result came in the 22.3 workout, having finished in 12th place. 

Bethany Shadburne’s Career 

Bethany Shadburne took part in multiple sports before starting CrossFit in 2015. She has trained in gymnastics for eight years, bodybuilding for three years, and participated in multiple half-marathons. Her breakout year for CrossFit was 2017, as she won the Wodapalooza and placed 22nd in the 2017 CrossFit Games, which was also her debut at the most prestigious competition. Bethany would continue getting better in the next few years, which resulted in her career-best 8th place finish at the 2019 CrossFit Games

Bethany Shadburne’s CrossFit Games Performances: 

Bethany was not able to compete at the CrossFit  Games last year due to illness, but she won the 2021 West Coast Classic earlier in the year. 

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Judging by her Instagram caption, Bethany Shadburne is aware of the hardships this injury will bring and is still hopeful and confident about her future in sports. She is an experienced CrossFit athlete and has battled a lot of injuries throughout her career. Bethany also explained that “perseverance” is the word for this year, and she will need a lot of it to come back to her best self. However, if anyone is able to do it, it would be Bethany.


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