Blessing Awodibu Shows Insane Conditioning 8 Weeks Out of Indy pro

Blessing Awodibu Prep Update

IFBB Pro bodybuilder Blessing Awodibu recently showed off a massively improved physique. Awodibu is one of the young prospects that are trying to carve a niche for themselves in the Open Pro division that is going through a transitioning phase. Many established names in the division seem to be at the tail end of their career and the up-and-comers are posing serious threat to them. Many experts believe that Blessing Awodibu has all the necessary traits to become a future Mr. Olympia competitor. However, he is yet to score a big win to come to the forefront.

Blessing Awodibu has been taking an extended break from the competition to prepare his physique for competing against the best that the division has to offer. In his recent Instagram physique update, he hinted at competing at the 2022 IFBB Indy Pro. Blessing Awodibu showed off his incredibly sculpted and aesthetically proportionate physique. Awodibu also revealed that his currently weighing 297lbs. Courtesy of Awodibu’s personal Instagram account, you can see the physique update here:

“8 weeks out .
Prep started at 297
Guess where my weight at right now .
This one is gone be different @georgefarah_guru #theboogieman
 Blessing Awodibu wrote in the caption to his post.

Blessing Awodibu admittedly focussed more on the upper body during the early days of bodybuilding. As a result, his lower body was the weaker part of his physique. However, as apparent from his physique update and other photos shared in recent months, he seems to have worked extensively to develop his lower body. Same is visible from his huge quads in this update.

About Blessing Awodibu

Blessing Awodibu is an IFBB Open Pro bodybuilder from Ireland. While pursuing academics to make a career was his primary goal, Awodibu turned to bodybuilding due to circumstances and even competed in his first competition at 18 years of age.

The 30-year-old won the Arnold Amateur Classic twice in a row in 2016 and 2017. He then won the IFBB Pro card with the win at the IFBB Diamond Cup in 2017. Blessing Awodibu’s plans to make the IFBB Pro debut in 2020 Arnold Classic Australia could not come to fruition due to Covid-19 imposed restrictions.

He made his pro debut with a third-place finish at the 2021 IFBB Indy Pro. Awodibu next competed at the 2021 New York Pro where he developed a bitter feud with Nick Walker. The duo has multiple social media altercations heading into the event. However, Awodibu finished sixth and Walker won the show. As a result, the rivalry never culminated into an on-stage showdown.

Awodibu decided to take extended time off to develop his physique before returning to the competition. The date of his return was not known until now. However, the 2021 IFBB Indy Pro seems to be the event that will mark his return.


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