Bodybuilder Kyle Kirvay Squats an Incredible 310.7 kg (685 lbs) Raw For 5 Reps

Kyle Tiger Kirvay Squat

IFBB Pro bodybuilder and powerlifter Kyle Kirvay recently squatted a massive 310.7 kg (685 lbs) on Duffalo Bar for five reps in the Gym. This bar is designed by a strength coach and powerlifter Chris Duffin of Kabuki Strength. Kirvay earned the IFBB Pro card in two different divisions by winning the 2018 NPC Universe Championships in the Classic Physique and Men’s Heavyweight divisions. He is routinely compared to Larry Wheels due to a similar transition from bodybuilding to powerlifting, immense physical strength, and relatively similar size.

Kyle Kirvay performed the 310.7 kg (685 lbs) squats with relative ease. It did seem like the fifth and final rep took every ounce of energy to complete. However, the 27-year-old completed it successfully and returned the bar to the stand. He performed the set while wearing knee wraps and a lifting belt. Courtesy of Kyle Kirvay’s personal Instagram account, you can watch the complete set here:

“I didn’t bend the bar I promise!

7 wheels a side, 685lbs

This was my first time using this type of bar and I can’t decide if I like it or not or if it makes squatting easier. The weight felt the same to me as a straight bar. It definitely helps those who are prone to tendonitis in the forearm/elbow area and for those with restricted shoulder mobility due to the length and shape of the bar.

What is this bar called? Buffalo, duffalo, bow bar..? What do you call it and how do you like using it?,”Kyle Kirvay wrote in the caption to his post.

Kyle Kirvay’s powerlifting feats

Bodybuilding training revolves around the idea of keeping the muscles in tension for a longer time to bring about hypertrophy than lifting the heaviest weights possible. Therefore, it is very uncommon for bodybuilders to lift the kind of weights that powerlifters do. However, a select few bodybuilders do attempt and break the barriers between the two sports. IFBB Pro bodybuilder Kyle Kirvay is one such bodybuilder.

Back in February, Kyle Kirvay made his powerlifting debut at the USPA Battle at Atilis. The competition took place in the Atilis Gym, Bellmawr, New Jersey. Kirvay participated in the Classic Raw 140kg category and performed well for the debut.

Kyle Kirvay’s statistics for the meet:

  • Squat: 365 kg (804 lbs) State record
  • Bench Press: 275 kg (606 lbs) National & State record
  • Deadlift: 365 kg (804 lbs) State Record
  • Total: 1005 kg (2214 lbs) State Record

Following the satisfactory performance at the meet, Kyle Kirvay also squatted 225kg (495lbs) for 22 reps in the Gym.

At 27 years of age, Kyle Kirvay has a lot of time to further improve his game and make strides in his powerlifting career. Kirvay competed in professional bodybuilding only once after earning the IFBB Pro card and finished 16th at the 2020 Chicago Pro. If he does continue to compete in bodybuilding while pursuing powerlifting goals, he can certainly become one of the – if not the – strongest bodybuilders of all time. 


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