Bodybuilder Seth Feroce Tries The Intense WOD ‘Diane’ CrossFit Workout

Seth Feroce Crossfit

Bodybuilder and fitness role model Seth Feroce recently crushed a demanding CrossFit workout for time. Feroce is a prominent name from the 2000s era of bodybuilding and maintains an impressive physique after nearly a decade out of competition. He is a vocal critic of bodybuilding lifestyle and steroid use.

Seth Feroce admits that his body was aesthetically better during his bodybuilding days. However, he turned towards high-intensity functional training to look and feel good. Feroce’s goal is to improve the ability to perform different physical activities that are difficult for a bodybuilder. In the video, the 39-year-old stated that he has never done research on CrossFit. Feroce further stated that he has only done some hard training to improve his durability and functional strength.

“I just did a bunch of hard sh*t in a row to be durable, functional and f*ble. I want to be able to run around, be functional with the kids, not die of a heart attack and look great.”

Seth Feroce’s product manager Heather explained that CrossFit is a measurable form of physical activities and stated that CrossFit progress can be measured with certain Benchmark workouts.

“So essentially, you do these benchmark workouts every once in a while to see if you can get better at them. So you do different workouts and you improve your fitness over time and you re-test yourself using these benchmark workouts to see if you improved time.”

Seth Feroce goes through a benchmark CrossFit workout ‘Diane’

The benchmark Workout that Seth Feroce went through in this particular session is known as WOD ‘Diane’. According to heather, the workout consists of three sets of deadlifts (225lbs weight) and handstand pushups for 21, 15 and 9 reps each.

“You have to do 21 of each before you move on to the next. You have to do 21 deadlifts, 21 push-ups and then 15-15, 9-9,” Heather clarified.

The workout is done for time and following are the fitness level indicators as explained by Seth Feroce:

  • 10 to 14 minutes – Beginner
  • 6 to 9 minutes – Intermediate
  • 5 to 6 minutes – Advanced
  • Less than 4 minutes – Elite

Feroce predicted that his time would probably be in the seven-minute range, rendering his fitness level in the intermediate range. While most of the people around predicted a similar outcome, the results were staggering. Feroce went through the first set of 21 reps each quite handily and topped it with an equally quick set of 15. He struggled to complete the handstand push-ups in the third set of 9 reps. However, when he completed the set with short intervals, the time on the stopwatch read 2:53.16! Elite – that’s the fitness level Seth Feroce possesses according to the benchmark workout Diane.

“It’s like a delayed onset. Felt great when I finished but now… Sh*t’s burning!”

“I don’t think I am an elite CrossFitter I am just good at deadlifts and handstand push-ups!,” Seth Feroce reacted to his performance.

Courtesy of Seth Feroce YouTube channel, you can watch the full workout video here:


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