Bodybuilding Coach Charles Glass Shares How to Improve Your Triceps Dips to Get Optimal Results

Charles Glass triceps

Bodybuilding coach Charles Glass is a former engineer and devises intricate plans when it comes to working out at the gym. Looking to help people strengthen their upper arms, Charles Glass shared a YouTube video detailing how to improve arm strength with triceps dips

Charles Glass is one of the most experienced bodybuilding coaches in the industry due to his cerebral nature. He has worked with different physiques and understands that each individual needs their own fitness regimen. Glass maintains that athletes and gym-goers often get consumed in the number of reps or the amount of weight they are leveraging. Instead, Glass is a proponent of muscle isolation training. When performing an exercise, Charles zones in on one specific muscle group and ensures contractions are achieved so proper development can occur.

When it comes to getting a good pump in, Glass has it covered. His knowledge of fitness enables him to spread strategies on how to achieve a better body. Last month, Glass published a useful video detailing how to bring abs to the surface. Charles also mentioned how he appreciates crunches as they are great for working the middle ab muscles. Though, it looks like the Godfather of Bodybuilding is focusing on tightening up arms this week.

Charles Glass Tips on Preacher Curls and Triceps Development

Glass is helping his pupil work on her arms. In a recent video posted to Charles’ YouTube channel, the bodybuilding guru discusses why triceps dips are best for getting a thorough upper arm workout. In addition, Charles also touched on some modified preacher curls.

“What we’re doing is preacher curls. At the very top, roll the wrist back just a little bit, to put more pressure on the bicep and less on the forearm.

When we contract, when she gets the contraction, when she feels it, I push it in just a little bit further, so the contraction becomes that much greater” Glass said

Charles likes to implement triceps dips as they are great for strengthening arms. Dips can be a powerful exercise that helps build strength and size in Triceps. As aforementioned, Charles advocates for the exercise because he feels if the wrist is rolled back a little, it allows for more pressure on the bicep and less on the forearm. 

“I can do triceps from anywhere because it’s easy to position my body. The main thing here, with the machine, you can’t slide forward, back or whatever. That’s going to do it one way, unless you lock yourself out there, and that’s going to be hard to do.”

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After trying Glass’ recommendations on triceps dips, his pupil admits the method resulted in less stress on her elbows and felt a stronger contraction in the triceps. While it might not always be the standard practice, Charles Glass is renowned for his work and his techniques for building triceps are useful for people of varying fitness levels. 

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