Bodybuilding Legend Jay Cutler Shares A Simple And Effective Technique to Build The Lats

Jay Cutler

Bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler recently shared an effective tip to build lats in the gym. Cutler is a 4-time Mr. Olympia winner and one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. His rivalry with another legend and eight-time Mr. Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman is one of the greatest chapters in the history of Open Pro division. Dethroning Coleman after years of fierce fight is perhaps the biggest achievement of Jay Cutler’s career from the audience’s perspective. Cutler retired from competitive bodybuilding in 2013. Since retiring, Cutler has lost a significant amount of weight. However, he still maintains a ripped Physique all year round.

Jay Cutler has stayed connected with the fans after retirement and routinely shares tricks and tips that he has learned over decades of bodybuilding. Recently, Jay Cutler shared a short video on his Instagram account and shared a tip to grow lats.

The mirror muscles – shoulders, arms, chest, abs and quads are the primary focus of many gym-goers. However, lats loom large on the back and are responsible for a perfect V-taper when it comes to aesthetics. Training the lats can sometimes be boring or a very challenging task owing to exercises like the traditional pull-up. However, there are plenty of workouts to develop them. Jay Cutler demonstrated one of these techniques to work the lats with dumbbells.

Jay Cutler demonstrates the technique for dumbbell pullovers for lats

Typically for the dumbbell pullover, a person typically forms a diamond by joining the index fingers and thumbs of both hands. This enables the individual to rest the weight attached to the dumbbell handle on the palms.

Cutler modified the grip to work the lats. Instead of supporting the weight on palm, he held the dumbbell handle with a firm grip. The other hand wrapped around the hand that gripped the handle. He wore wrist wraps and advised to perform 12 sets per rep and get maximum range of motion to maximum benefits.

Courtesy of Jay Cutler’s Instagram account, you can watch the full video here:

“Dumbbell pullover for lats

-Note the grip I use

-12 reps

-Get the stretch,” Jay Cutler wrote in the caption to his post.

Jay Cutler is one of the handful of elite bodybuilders that were able to go through their bodybuilding career without a major injury or health issue stemming from the difficulties and risks associated with the bodybuilding lifestyle. He attributes this to his tendency to listen to his body and modify the workouts accordingly. He has acquired the knowledge by a simple method of trial and error. Therefore it is worthwhile to listen to his advice and try it out during your next back workout.


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