Bodybuilding Legend Lee Priest Shows Off Insane Physique in Recent Update

Lee Priest Physique

Australian legend Lee Priest was a perennial contender in the late 1980s to the 2000s era of bodybuilding. Recently, Priest published a physique update on social media and shared his starting point for the transformation he plans to undergo in the coming months.

During his prime, Lee Priest qualified for Mr. Olympia six times and won a total of three IFBB Pro League shows. Rarely do athletes leave the sport on top, and Lee Priest managed to win his last three bodybuilding shows before entering retirement. 

Priest had an impressive season in 2006. He secured the title at the 2006 Iron Man Pro which remains one of his biggest accomplishments in the sport and also took home the first-place trophy at the 2006 NOC New York and the PDI Night of Champions show. Then, Priest competed and won his last show when he captured the 2013 NABBA Mr. Universe title. 

Lee Priest Preparing Physique for Possible 2023 Masters Olympia Run

Recently, Lee’s pre-transformation physique was shared by his supplement sponsor Species Nutrition and the legend’s body still looks hard, with impressive upper arm development and built forearms. In addition to his impressive upper body, Lee’s calves and thighs look massive too. 

#TheEvolution of Lee Priest has begun. Follow the Australian bodybuilding legend’s journey to a truly astonishing physique transformation – fueled by SPECIES Nutrition.” Species Nutrition shared.


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