Breon Ansley Reflects on 2022 Arnold Classic Performance: “Outcome Has Been Very Tough For Me To Handle”

Breon Ansley 2022 Arnold Classic

Classic Physique standout Breon Ansley has been a dominant force in competitions for quite some time. Following his 4th-place showing at the 2022 Arnold Classic, Breon revealed that he’s optimistic about his future in the sport despite the unfavorable result. 

Breon Ansley was the 2018 winner of the Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia in Classic Physique. The bodybuilder has an impressive stage presence and possesses some of the most well-conditioned legs in the sport. His eclectic outlook on bodybuilding has played a role in his continued development.

In 2021, Ansley took his talents to the Oxygen Gym in Kuwait and admits the training was intense as advertised. Breon left Oxygen Gym in good spirts and credits the experience as a positive one. Despite coming in 4th place at the 2022 Arnold Classic, Ansley isn’t deterred from the result and will seek victory at the next show. Though, the Classic Physique competitor has made it clear that it hasn’t been easy to process this outcome.

Breon Ansley Motivated by 4th Place Showing at 2022 Arnold Classic 

Breon Ansley reacted to placing 4th on Instagram and shared his unwavering commitment to fighting while enduring adversity. 


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