Godfather Of Bodybuilding Charles Glass Shares A ‘Solution’ To Build Inner Chest

Solution To Build Inner Chest

Godfather of Bodybuilding Charles Glass recently shared tips to fill the inner chest. Most gym goers and fitness enthusiasts tend to start focusing on the individual muscle groups like chest, legs, back, core and arms after progressing beyond the basics of bodybuilding. Working on these different aspects of anatomy is important to add finer details to the Physical appearance and get the most out of a workout routine.

The inner chest or the area of the chest near the sternum is one such aspect that needs to develop. However, the difficulty in building the inner chest is that the spot cannot be isolated for work like the biceps or triceps. The pectoral muscle group has to be worked as a complete unit which also includes the inner chest. However, the good news is that small adjustments and technical improvements in regular chest exercises can work the inner chest really well and get you the shredded, striated inner chest.

In a recent video on his YouTube Channel, Godfather of Bodybuilding Charles Glass shared these small adjustments and tips to fill up the inner chest.

Charles Glass shares the tips to fill up the inner chest

Charles Glass is one of the most respected names in the bodybuilding circuit. He has received the moniker ‘Godfather of Bodybuilding’ for his immense contribution to not just the sport but bodybuilding overall. Glass routinely shares bodybuilding tips that have benefited millions around the world. To develop the inner chest, Charles Glass advised the following:

Seated Chest Press Machine

The chest press machine is one of the most common pieces of equipment found in gyms around the world. While they’re effective in building the overall chest, Glass advised to keep the elbows tightly tucked against the sides and curl the wrists slightly inside during the positive phase of the rep to fill in the inner chest.

The second modification to this movement as advised by Charles Glass is placing a pad between the upper back and back rest of the machine While doing chest presses. The pad pushes the chest out and this increases the range of motion during the press, working the inner chest.

As we mentioned before, the inner chest cannot be isolated to specifically target them in a workout. Charles Glass shared a fresh perspective to this general belief and said:

“It depends on what you do and how you do the exercise, okay? You do not directly target anything. But you do what… Put the emphasis on (the inner chest). And what it is… at the very top of the exercise, where does the pressure go? You can feel it, right there. So I think you are targeting (the inner chest) right?”

Courtesy of Charles Glass YouTube channel, you can watch the full video here:


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