Godfather of Bodybuilding Charles Glass Gives Tips and Techniques On How to Build Bulletproof Legs

Charles Glass

Considered the Godfather of Bodybuilding, Charles Glass is well respected in the sport for his knowledge and the cerebral approach he takes to training. In a recent video published on YouTube, Glass demonstrates a series of leg workouts that are designed to alleviate pressure on the knees and joints. 

Known for addressing the finer details of professional bodybuilding, Charles Glass is a firm believer in targeting specific muscle groups when hitting a workout. Glass periodically shares his methods and strategies for improving physiques, whether it be more defined hamstrings or a tighter chest, Glass has the solution. In addition, the credentialed coach understands that different bodies require variable nutritional and fitness needs. 

Repetitive activities can cause extra stress on the joints, especially the knees. Glass utilizes different angles and postures during exercises to minimize strain during contractions. 

Charles Glass on Adjusting Posture to Alleviate Pressure on Joints  

In a recent YouTube collaboration with Kris Gethin, Glass walks him through a bulletproof leg and knee exercise that is low impact on the joints. Glass demonstrates in certain exercises that just by leaning forward, pressure is alleviated during contractions. 

“For one thing, when you put this up, by you leaning forward, it alleviates that pressure. If you was here, first thing you do is push forward, you see that. Your knee is going to follow you. But you are in this angle so what’s going to happen? It follows you again but it goes behind. So it’s now going past. Now if somebody just figured out, I always talked about it but I should have done it, I didn’t do it. This, is adjusted, it raises up, so now, you’re sitting here, going down, and it’s perfect because it takes the pressure off the knees.” Charles Glass shared.

“The thing about it is, if you lift that chest, if you leave the chest down it’s hard to get back up. The first session you didn’t do it. Then, when the fatigue sets in, the first thing you do is want to compensate.” Glass said.

Charles uses machines to change angle and posture to reduce or eliminate pressure from the joints. After Kris hits a few leg workouts, Glass asks him what he thought of the exercises.

“Yeah, it’s great, what is so weird because I’m going in. I don’t know if I’m not looking but it feels a little bit more like a sissy squat where I’m pushing through my toes but again, I could never do a sissy squat now because of my knees but I’m pushing through my toes, but again I’m just not getting any of the pressure on my knees. Yes, it’s bizarre. It’s bizarre but great.” Kris Gethin told Charles.

Kris compares the exercise to a sissy squat. A sissy squat differs from a conventional squat because the action is performed on the balls of the feet. This exercise is designed to work the quads. Instead, Kris maintains that he’s pushing with his toes instead of the balls of his feet during Glass’ workout routine.

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By adjusting posture and the angle of the exercises, Glass is able to reduce impact on the joints. Charles Glass leg workouts might appear unorthodox but are proven to alleviate pressure during exercises.


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