Isabelle Nunes Wins 2022 Arnold Classic Wellness International Title

Isabelle Nunes Wins 2022 Arnold Classic Wellness

Isabelle Nunes wins the inaugural 2022 Arnold Classic Wellness International title. The Wellness division focuses on musculature, symmetry, proportions, and overall appearance, and Nunes nailed every single aspect.

The Wellness International division was one of the most highly anticipated contests at the Arnold Classic weekend, scheduled to take place between Mar. 4-5, 2022, in Columbus, OH.

After making a debut at the Olympia in Oct. 2021, the Wellness division finally made its way to the second biggest bodybuilding competition of all time — the Arnold Classic USA. 

The line-up for the 2022 AC Wellness International was star-packed. The two to sixth place finishers at the 2021 Wellness Olympia locked horns for the Arnold Classic Wellness crown on Mar. 5, 2022.

Since the 2021 Olympia Wellness champ, Francielle Mattos is not competing at the AC in Ohio, the 2022 AC Wellness International crown is up for grabs.  

Isabelle Nunes, Yarishna Ayala, Angela Borges, Julia Chitarra, Kassandra Gillis, and Sunny Andrews were the frontrunners to win the inaugural Arnold Classic Wellness International.  

2022 Arnold Classic Wellness Results & Prize Money

Here are the final 2022 Arnold Classic Wellness International standings:

1. Isabelle Nunes — $7,000

Isabelle Nunes made a name for herself in the Wellness division by winning her first two pro shows — the Milwaukee Pro and the San Antonio Classic. Her third-place finish at the 2021 Olympia makes her a favorite to win the second biggest show.

Nunes brought her best package to date at the 2022 Arnold Classic and dominated her competition. Her lower body muscle mass compliments her shorter physique very well, and she had one of the most symmetrical Wellness physiques on the 2022 AC stage. 

Isabelle Nunes winning the Wellness International came as a surprise to many bodybuilding fans as she delivered an upset to Angela Borges. 

Nunes’ 2022 Wellness International win makes her the number one contender for Matos’ Wellness title at the 2022 Olympia showdown. 

Arnold Classic Wellness Winners

2. Angela Borges — $4,000

Her chiseled physique, perfect conditioning, and symmetry helped her take the second spot. Angela Borges was the runner-up at the 2021 Olympia and many fans were expecting her to take home the 2022 Wellness International title. 

Borges was the first Wellness competitor to qualify for the 2021 Olympia, earning her pro card at Jim Manion’s IFBB Pro League Pittsburg Pro. She also won the 2020 Europa Pro Wellness championship. 

Angela Borges probably has the best glutes on the Wellness roster. Since she is a taller physique, Angela carries relatively more muscle mass compared to the other athletes. Borges also has one of the tiniest waists on a Wellness athlete, which accentuates her lower body even more. 

3. Sunny Andrews — $3,000

Andrews has considerably improved her physique since the 2021 Olympia where she finished sixth. She arguably has the best quad sweep on the AC Wellness roster. 

Andrews — a practicing doctor and surgeon — blasted onto the Wellness scene with her 2020 NPC National Championships. 

4. Julia Chitarra — $2,000

Julia Chitarra won the 2021 Europa Pro and took a fifth-place finish at the 2021 Olympia. She is also one of the prettiest Wellness contestants at the 2022 AC. Her lean and shredded physique made her a serious threat to Isabelle Nunes at the 2022 AC showdown. 

5. Yarishna Ayala — $1,500

Ayala was the only non-Brazilian at the 2021 Wellness Olympia podium. She won the 2021 New York Pro, where Borges had placed second. This plus her solid physique on the 2022 AC pre-judging stage made it feel like Ayala could upset Isabelle Nunes for the inaugural AC Wellness title. 

Yarishna also had one of the most shredded abdomens on the lineup. It was a surprise for Wellness fans that Ayala was not in the final callout in the pre-judging round. 

6. Kassandra Gillis — $1,000

Looked absolutely beautiful and had great lower body muscle development. Her muscles were thick and developed. We will be looking forward to seeing her in other contests leading up to the 2022 Olympia. 

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Wrapping Up

Fitness Volt congratulates Isabelle Nunes on her 2022 Arnold Classic Wellness International title win.

Do you agree with the 2022 Arnold Classic Wellness International results? Who do you think should have won the title? Let us know by tagging us on social media and in the comments below. 

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