Jay Cutler on Mike O’Hearn and The Rock Being Natural: ‘If They Choose Not To Talk About It, I Respect That’

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As a four-time Mr. Olympia, bodybuilding royalty Jay Cutler represents an elite class of talent in the sport and understands the measures required to achieve an impressive physique. In a recent interview, Jay discusses whether Mike O’Hearn and The Rock are natural, and media’s perception of steroids. 

Winning Mr. Olympia a total of four times, Cutler has cemented his name among some of the best the sport has ever seen. Known as one of the most significant rivalries in bodybuilding, eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman and Jay pushed their bodies competing against each other. A turning point in Jay’s career came in 2006 when he finally dethroned Ronnie at Mr. Olympia. Of course, rivalries are what turn athletes into legends and Jay admits that his Coleman-inspired high-volume training was a contributing factor to his success. 

Mike O’Hearn is a self-proclaimed natural bodybuilder with a Mr. Universe title to his name. At 52 years old, Mike maintains an incredibly aesthetic physique and has amassed a huge fanbase even after competing in the sport. Given his claims of having a natural physique, many have questioned that notion over the years.

Wrestling star and actor, The Rock has also attracted attention for his supposed natural physique. Dwayne Johnson has become one of the top-grossing actors in Hollywood and is lauded for his commitment to training and fitness on a daily basis. 

Jay Cutler Discusses Whether The Rock and Mike O’Hearn Are Natural

In a recent interview, Jay spoke about keeping himself protected around media who expressed interest in discussing his cycle. In addition, Jay gave his opinion on whether or not Mike O’Hearn and The Rock are taking steroids.

“You know those things I don’t really comment as much on because I understand the positioning. Everyone has their own position and if they choose not to talk about it, I respect that because for a long time I did the same right. I didn’t come out and say I take this or that and I kind of went into interviews knowing that many weren’t going to ask and the ones that I thought might, I was protected where, ‘hey don’t blatantly ask me hey do you take this or that, don’t put me on the spot’ and that’s why I was limited on where I put my publicity.

All the local news stations before the Olympia covered the event but they didn’t touch on that and I think it was kind of known, hey don’t ask these kinds of questions but you have to prepare yourself.” Jay Cutler said.

According to Jay, he understands that opinions differ about steroids. In the end, if Mike O’Hearn or The Rock don’t want to share that information, he can respect their decision. 

Jay mentioned that he would request that interviewers not blatantly ask him what substances he was taking. While local news stations, fortunately, covered Olympia, most didn’t ask about his regimen although he was always prepared just in case.

“To this, even walking in here today, I’m an open book with a lot of things I do, and I want people to realize that I’m an honest person. And you have your ins and outs on how you get to certain levels of what you do in your own field. Jay said.

I hate to harp on the chemical side because the food is like I mentioned, and the training was just we can touch small but I reminisce now thirty years of thinking ‘man is it ever going to happen?’ Man, when you win that title you have a flash of all the things that happened in order to get there.” 

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Jay says he doesn’t like to comment on other people’s alleged use of steroids. Nevertheless, he understands it’s a popular topic to discuss in the world of media.

During his retirement, Jay has remained a pivotal icon in the sport of bodybuilding. Offering younger generations of talent help as they embark on their own paths. Men’s Open competitor Regan Grimes met with Jay a couple of months ago and received some posing tips.

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With Jay’s experience and knowledge in the sport, he’s always a useful resource for anyone looking to learn. Jay understands that every person has their own position on steroids and respects the privacy of Mike O’Hearn and The Rock.


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