Lauralie Chapados Wins 2022 Arnold Classic Bikini International Title

Lauralie Chapados Wins 2022 Arnold Classic Bikini

Lauralie Chapados is the 2022 Arnold Classic Bikini International champ. She brought her trademark shape and conditioning to the 2022 AC stage and has significantly improved her physique since the 2021 Olympia. 

Chapados is a Bikini division veteran and is considered an elite Bikini athlete. She had not won an Olympia or Arnold Classic title, but that changed at the 34th edition of the AC. She dealt an upset to Ashley Kaltwasser and Elisa Pecini to take home the gold.

The 2022 Arnold Classic, scheduled for Mar. 3-6, in Columbus, OH, had some of the biggest Bikini names going head-to-head for the crown. The show featured two previous Arnold Classic Bikini winners and a Ms. Bikini Olympia champ. 

Notably, the Arnold Classic Bikini defending champ and 2021 Ms. Bikini Olympia winner Jennifer Dorie did not compete at the 2022 AC, leaving the 2022 AC Bikini crown up for grabs. 

The front runners for the 2022 AC Bikini title included Ashley Kaltwasser, Elisa Pecini, Lauralie Chapados, and Maureen Blanquisco. They were also the first and final callouts in the Bikini division pre-judging round which made us believe they would take the top four places in the division.

Ashley Kaltwasser is a 2X Arnold Classic Bikini champ (2014 and 2015) and 3X Bikini Olympia winner (2013-2015). Elisa Pecini won the Bikini Olympia in 2019 and Arnold Classic USA in 2020

Lauralie Chapados finished second at the 2021 Bikini Olympia behind Jennifer Dorie, making her one of the favorites going into the show. Maureen Blanquisco took the fourth-place finish at the Bikini Olympia ahead of Elisa Pecini, who placed fifth. 

By winning the 2022 AC Bikini International title, Chapados has become the number one contender for Dorie’s Bikini Olympia crown at Olympia 2022. The 2022 Olympia weekend is scheduled for Dec. 16-18, 2022 in Las Vegas, NV. 

2022 Arnold Classic Bikini Results & Prize Money

Here are the final 2022 Arnold Classic Bikini International standings:

1. Lauralie Chapados — $10,000

Lauralie Chapados was the 2021 Olympia runner-up, and she finished third at the 2021 Bikini International. She has eight pro wins under her belt. 

Lauralie is often regarded as the best Bikini athlete to have never won an Olympia or Arnold title. However, she changed that for the better on Mar. 5, 2022, by winning the Bikini International crown at the 2022 Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. 

Lauralie had one of the most developed glutes on the roster. She is one of the taller athletes on the bikini lineup and displayed great muscle symmetry and balance. It is great to see her win her first big title and we are expecting her to give Dorie a tough competition at the 2022 Olympia. 

Lauralie Chapados was just perfect at the 2022 Arnold Classic. She was not too muscular, not too striated, not too flat — everything the judges are looking for in a Bikini International winner. 

2. Maureen Blanquisco — $6,000

Maureen entered the mainstream after winning the Tampa Pro and Miami Muscle Beach Pro in 2019. Blanquisco has proved her mettle by winning second place at her Arnold debut at the 34th edition of the show.

Blanquisco had broad shoulders and great muscle separation. Some would say she was a little too muscular and conditioned, which cost her the 2022 Bikini International crown. 

Blanquisco went all-in to win the 2022 AC title as she is not already qualified for the 2022 Olympia. The winner of each division of a pro show gets direct qualification for the Olympia showdown.

3. Ashley Kaltwasser — $4,000 

Kaltwasser is a Bikini division veteran and won the 2022 Legends Classic Pro on Feb. 5, 2022 — less than four weeks out of the 2022 AC. She was in great shape and carried the momentum from her success competing in 2021 and 2022. 

Ashley Kaltwasser holds the record for the highest number of pro show victories — 31, even beating 2018 Mr. Olympia Dexter “The Blade” Jackson’s 28 pro title wins.  

Ashley Kaltwasser had one of the most balanced physiques on the 2022 AC Bikini International roster and her third-place finish came as a surprise to many fans.

4. Elisa Pecini — $3,000

Pecini is another Bikini heavyweight (figuratively) on the 2022 AC roster. Like Kaltwasser, Pecini has won the Olympia and Arnold Classic titles. 

Elisa placed second at the 2021 Bikini International, and fifth at the Olympia two weeks later. She brought great muscle separation to the 2022 AC lineup. 

In her progress pictures on social media ahead of the AC, Pecini looked in great shape and carried it to the 2022 AC stage in Ohio. She had a great physique but not enough to beat Lauralie Chapados. 

5. Jourdanne Lee – $2000

Jourdanne Lee came in great shape for the 2022 AC. Her overall figure tightness and fluidity on stage helped her bag the number five spot at the 2022 Bikini International. 

6. Alessia Facchin – $1500

Alessia Facchin brought her best package to the 2022 Bikini Internation stage. She surprised fans with her improved physique. We look forward to seeing her in other bikini contests leading up to the Olympia 2022. 

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Wrapping Up

Fitness Volt congratulates Lauralie Chapados on her 2022 Arnold Classic Bikini International title win.

Do you agree with the 2022 Arnold Classic Bikini International results? Who do you think should have won the title? Let us know by tagging us on social media and in the comments below. 

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