Powerlifter Jimmy Kolb Smashed A 405 lbs Raw Bench Press With Insane 20 Reps

Jimmy Kolb Bench Presses 405 Lbs

The strongest equipped bench presser in the world, Jimmy Kolb, is displaying some incredible feats of strength in training. Jimmy recently entered history by claiming the equipped bench press record, and now he is posting some raw bench press lifts. On March 8th, Jimmy posted a video in which he can be seen performing the 405 lbs (183.7 kg) raw bench press for an unbelievable 20 repetitions.

Jimmy only used a lifting belt and some chalk to aid him in the lift. He got his position on the bench and used a reverse grip, which is an extremely rare sighting in the sport. Jimmy’s first 16 reps looked extremely easy, but he started slowing down on the last three reps. Following this feat of strength, Jimmy’s face was completely red due to serious pressure while working out. In addition, after this set, Jimmy performed 73 reps with 225 lbs (102 kg) loaded on the bar.

You can watch Jimmy Kolb’s 405 lbs bench here: 

“The pump I felt after this bench session was unreal.”

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Jimmy’s exact bodyweight at the time of this lift was not revealed, but just 10 days ago, he weighed in at 315 lbs (143 kg). 

Jimmy Kolb’s Career

Jimmy Kolb is a 31-year-old powerlifter, and almost exclusively competes in the bench press event. He has taken part in 40+ sanctioned powerlifting competitions, and has claimed 30+ wins. His first competition was the 2009 NASA High School Nationals. Jimmy also took part in the equipped division for most of his competitions. 

Jimmy Kolb’s Equipped Competition PRs:

  • Squat: 410 kg (903.9 lbs) (2013 RPS International Open)
  • Bench Press: 598.7 kg (1320 lbs) All-Time Heaviest Lift In History (2022 IPA Pennsylvania State Powerlifting Championships)
  • Deadlift: 317.5 kg (700 lbs) (2011 APF Ohio Cup)
  • Total: 1093.1 kg (2410 lbs) (2011 APF Ohio Cup)

Although a great all-around powerlifter, Jimmy Kolb revolutionized the bench press event. He held the bench press-equipped record of 508 kg (1120 lbs). However, the record was broken 2 times in the span of a few months. Bill Gillespie set the record by pressing 512.5 kg (1,129.9 lbs) at the 2022 365Strong New Year Power Bash, but it stood for only a month.

Jimmy did not take it easy and surprised everyone by reclaiming the World Record. In addition, he broke the previous record by 190.1 lbs (86.2 kg), thus becoming the first person to bench press 1200 lbs and 1300 lbs.

You can watch the lift here: 

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Jimmy looks incredibly strong at the moment, and it seems like he is carrying some massive momentum from his 1320 lbs bench press. With this recent lift, he also proved that the equipment does not do all the work, and that he is also one of the strongest raw bench pressers in the world.


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