Powerlifter Jurins Kengamu Sets New U83 kg British 651.5 lbs Squat And 1737.2 lbs Total Records

Jurins Kengamu Squat Record

Jurins Kengamu is setting the table for possibly his greatest year since starting powerlifting. He took part in the 2022 British Powerlifting (BP) British Men’s Classic Championships, which took place on March 12-13, 2022, in Colchester, England. Jurins was one of the standout athletes of the competition, as he managed to set new British Squat and Total Records in the 83 kg weight class.

Jurins Kengamu started the competition extremely well, as the squat was the first event. He impressed everyone by squatting 295.5 kg (651.5 lbs). With this lift, Jurins improved the previous British Record, which was also held by him, as he squatted 292.5 kg (645 lbs) at the 2021 BP British Open Classic. His recent squat would also be the Second-Heaviest in the IPF, if it was done in a competition sanctioned by them. 

You can watch the squat here: 

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Jurins Kengamu also set a new British Total Record of 788 kg (1737.2 lbs). Like the squat, Jurins also held the previous record, having totaled 777.5 kg (1714 lbs) at the 2021 EPF European Classic Powerlifting Championships. However, his recent total is much heavier and proves how much improvement Jurins has made in just a few months.

Jurins Kengamu’s Full Performance 

Jurins Kengamu’s bodyweight at the time of the competition was 82.20 kg (181.2 lbs), and his total earned him a score of 109.62 IPF GL Points. He is now sitting in second place of the All-Time British Powerlifting Rankings, regardless of the weight class.


  • 280 kg (617.3 lbs)
  • 295.5 kg (651.5 lbs) U83 kg British Record 
  • 300.5 kg (662.5 lbs) Unsuccessful

Bench Press 

  • 162.5 kg (358.3 lbs)
  • Unsuccessful – 172.5 kg (380m3 lbs)
  • 172.5 kg (380.3 lbs) New Competition PR 


  • 300 kg (661.4 lbs)
  • 312.5 kg (689 lbs)
  • 320 kg (705.5 lbs) New Competition PR 

Total: 788 kg (1737.2 lbs) (British183 kg weight class record)

IPF GL score: 109.62

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Jurins Kengamu Career 

Jurins Kengamu started competing in powerlifting six years ago, but it looks like he is just getting into his prime years. He has taken part in 15 competitions until now, and this includes multiple World and European Championships. His greatest achievements are getting third place at the 2021 EPF European Classic Powerlifting Championships, and 8th place at the 2018 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships.

All of his competition PRs came from the 2022 British National Championships, and he definitely aims to achieve some outstanding success this year. 

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The 2022 IPF World Championships will be very challenging for Jurins, as he is in the same weight class as Russel Orhii. However, following his recent performance, a podium finish could be a very realistic goal for him. Jurins has made significant progress in a very short timeframe, and he has a few more months to try to further improve.


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